Photography Workshop at the Abandoned Miami Marine Stadium Off Camera Flash & Posing by Jason Lanier

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Join award winning photographer Jason Lanier for an adventure to the famous Miami Marine Stadium where he took a workshop group back in April of 2013. PLEASE…


Xperience-Media says:

What a great setting – thanks for the free workshop. There are a lot of
image makers on YT true to their own vision and you are one of them. I
enjoy the diversity. Looking fwd to more Jas.

Juan Carlos Jaramillo GreenScapesVA says:

Mi little cochinita? WTF?

Jason Lanier says:

Hey guys and gals! New video out from my workshop in the Miami Marine
Stadium back in April of 2013. We get visited by the cops, shoot all in the
rain and have a great time.

byron charles says:

not a bad vid, lol at the way you handle the police, if it was me, i dont
think they would of been so easy.

646Studios says:

If you are using full frame lenses on crop bodies the results are going to
not sharp results. APS-C cameras work better with APS-C lenses and reason
why I am saying this is because I’d thought I saw someone with a crop body
DSLR using a full frame lens. So before you ask the question do Crop bodies
give more details when cropping? The answer is will be yes

George Pop says:

Model and setting are awesome!!! Not sure why the people learning were
carrying so many bags and so much equipment especially since they’re just
starting and they don’t even shoot manual yet. The shot at 15:40 is
amazing, nice location, dress and model!

Cilla Latte says:

What is the light to her left? Please let me know. I love your work, enjoy
your youtube videos and cant wait to attend a workshop!!!!!!!!!!


I just like the way you communicate with the models you working with.
I can see they’ve also enjoying what you tell them and make jokes so they
are at ease all the time.

Question about the video light you using,
What brand and series don you use?

ST7AM says:

Jason, what kind of camera were you using there? 

David Silva says:

When the cop asked who else was there, you should have said some Russians
lol. Great vid btw. Always informative.

Ken5imaging says:

Wow, Jason that was a great shoot! Too bad it had to be cut short….no
breaks this time in shooting a little longer…Awesome Work!

Cilla Latte says:

Im dying with your comments COCHINITA ja ja ja I love it I want to go to
your WORKSHOP!!!!!!!!!!

rgarc197 says:

That was Awesome!!!! 

646Studios says:

Listen to Jason or no treats at the end of the lesson. (^_*)

Cilla Latte says:

The cops could have let you stay… 

Simply Poetic says:

Good ish!!!

Anthony Williams says:

You have the best shoots. Your images all come out awesome.

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