Photography Training: How to Take Long Exposure Shots in Bright Daylight. Smooth Water Tutorial

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Close Mark Zaretti from Spartmedia explains how he created this smooth water shot of a temple gate in Japan using a variable …


Khurshed Marolia says:

Very good video. What is the good quality filter set? Does Vivitar make
quality filters? I want to have some filter set for my Nikon D7000 with 18
- 105 lens. Thanks.

SpartMedia says:

Hi Khurshed, Thanks for the feedback. From reviews I’d say the best one to
get is the “Heliopan Variable ND filters”. They have hard stops and cover a
good range. They screw into the end of your lens so you can use it on
pretty much any lens except extreme fisheyes. On wider lenses you may
notice a little bit more vignetting but that can be corrected in Photoshop.
I use the “Light Craft Workshop Fader ND” for this image. Most of my lenses
are 77mm threads so the filter can go on any of them.

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