Photography Tips – Night Shooting Christmas Street Decorations

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In this Christmas photography tip we’ll go take some night photos of a Christmas decorated cobbled street. The key to all night photography is to be patient,…


Darren Jefferson says:

+Mike Browne Hi Mike, I am wondering if you could advise on how to deal
with street lights that tend to over power the shot and when you speed up
the shutter speed which reduces the over powering lights, your image end up
way under exposed. Thanks in advance.

Mike Browne says:

Thank you all for so many kind Christmas wishes and comments. I hope you
all had a great time and are going to have a FAB 2014

DrDuu says:

Thank you your hints and this funny video ;-)

Kris TheTrader says:

Great tutorial!

Tecnovlog says:

why is there a chair in the middle of the road?

iXenob says:

Great video!!! I lan on using some of the tips here on July 3 at a Balloon
glow, hoping it give me a good starting point, then they are going to have
fireworks afterwords so, I am going to take your tips from your fireworks
videos and apply them there. Should be a fun night. And, thanks again for
all the great information. You opened my eyes a bunch!!!

Ranot Gamirov says:

how do u change the self timer to 4 sec?

mentalextra says:

Is it a good idea to use a remote shutter release with long exposures to
avoid any movement when pressing the button?

Arkansas PPA says:
Mark H says:

I love the little Jig you do when you have a great shot. I find myself
doing something similar

Mehmet Kantarci says:

we say hello to you from turkiye. i learned nice stuff from your videos
here about photography. i suggested my friends watching your tutorials.
thank a lot!
i also got picture attributed to one of your picture:)


Pezby69 says:

Best Wishes for 2014 to Mike ,, Mike’s family and his entire crew and
staff.. Thankyou for all the fabulous photography films you make. They are
very much appreciated.

Wiltshire Man says:

Merry Christmas Mike aka Dorset Man. From Sandy. The Wiltshire Man….Oohh
arrrh Nice to see you not showing your twinkler in this one.!

AllyKatPerth says:

Love your videos Mike….. Which village do you live in,.. it looks

Lionel Faleiro says:

Happy New Year Mike, all the way from Mumbai, India :0) 

sizar adam says:

sir your videos are just great .. I love them all :) so helpful and so

guenther f. Bartnik says:

thank you :)
..and nice xmas to you

David Schäfer says:

Merry Christmas! :)

deepak sharma says:

Happy Christmas. Can you read mind. As soon as I thought bout the white
balance setting, you mentioned it. Great video once again.

Louise Florida says:

That time of night and again first thing before sunrise when the sky is
that gorgeous cobalt blue are my favorite times of the day. Thanks so much
for sharing this with us. Have a great Holiday and a really grand New

John Stilley says:

I love your videos, and I love how much fun you were having in this video.
But… seriously? England still has tungsten street lights? I think every
city in America switched to LED years ago. It’s sooooo much cheaper. And
also creates a nice, pure white for photos.

Tim Hill says:

Thank you all for so many kind Christmas wishes and comments. I hope you
all had a great time and are going to have a FAB 2014

Jim L says:

Going to give this a shot…Williamsburg, Va. Tonight!

Pitou Khmer says:

Dear Mike,
Could tell me which mode are you using S, A, M, P or Auto… ? 

CHEVAAN29 says:

You’re the best, Mike. Happy New Year. ♥

Iain Hamilton-Cummings says:

Brilliant :-) Loved it! Happy new year to you and the clan :-)

dimitar dimitrov says:


David Russell says:

I love your neighborhood! It’s so quaint and cute.

Wayne Jeffrey says:

Sorry typo meant Lorna

Alvin Romero says:

sir mike. I do have d5200 and with 50mm priMe lense. My question is. Is it
okay that I am using a manual focus. Do I have to change my slr or buy new
prime lense or keep the old lense… 

J C says:

Love your videos… 

terenas1986 says:

Hey Mike, here’s another one of my technie-explanations, if you’re
interested… :)
Internal Noise reduction does a bit better job, cause the camera detects
the noise itself (the shutter being closed, the sensor recording just the
noise), just before taking the picture, and deducts that from the final
image. This (for me) is a precious thing, because I find, even Lightroom
(demigod of noise-reduction IMO) can’t remove exactly the right dots and
pixels that bother me. It does a great job.. but in-camera NR is more

(This same thing is responsible for the lowering of the maximum number of
pictures that can be taken in a row. E.g.: w/o nr, the continuous burst of
my 40D is 17, with nr turned on, it’s like 9-11.. depends a lot on ISO.)

I loved your video, and hope you had a lovely Christmas, wisihing you a
Happy New Year! :)


Ben Cresswell says:

Off subject, Cant think of another way of contacting you ! Have you ever
tried Wire wool spinning Mike ?? 

Klaus Ørnemose Jensen says:

Always great videos and great fun. Cheers!

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