Photography 101 with Jeff Cable

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Sponsored by Lexar The basics of photography – for the beginner wanting to know how to take better images. Learn the proper way to shoot good photos with any…


Ramon B. Nuez Jr. says:

I am currently watching +Jeff Cable discus #photography 101. He was
teaching a class at +B and H . I like Jeff very much and he is such an
inspiring professional.


Patrick McNease says:

Thank you Jeff for this awesome tutorial. Wow!

OthersAreStupidAndThatMakesMeSad says:

This guy is awesome! His excitement and love for photography is contagious.
Really really really worth watching!

Cindy Marcotte says:

First time I can understand the explanations and directions awesome


I love b and h

Andrea-K-1003 says:

Very interesting and informative video. One of the best I have seen,
especially with all of the photo critiques within the video. Thank you!

littlewing62 says:

hi i’m a novice amateur photographer and i’m starting to experiment on the
focus and recompose technique using single point AF. How good and how
efficient is this technique when shooting non action shots? if i lock on
the eyes then recompose my shot, would the eyes be tact sharp? thanks for
the help.

B3H says:

+Jeff Cable Yes, at your age i consider it “recently”. Because i was
replying to someone that wants to start off with Photography when coming
right out of school. Nothing wrong with that but i just reminded her (+Ducky
Games ) that you did not start with photography professionaly right when u
got out of school. Did I do it wrong? :P

Samuel Merrill says:

I can’t get the camera simulator to work… The site seems to be like it’s
being edited or something. Can anyone help me? It would be much

Sean Pendergrast says:

This is a great classroom video by Jeff Cable at B&HPhoto. I highly
recommend this video for beginning photographers (or any photographer
looking for a basics refresher) to help improve the quality of pictures.
Thanks, Jeff and B&H Photo for these sessions!

Per Haar says:

I really love what you guys at B&H are doing, uploading free seminars an so
on, but why do you continue to bring on this guy? His pictures are
terrible, totally uninspired, and without the slightest degree of
aesthetics. Pretty much similar to those I took the first week I had my
DSLR. He knows about the technical stuff, but a photographer he is not. I
don’t get it. Sorry!

allison northway says:

A perfectly paced and an excellent presentation! I always learn something
from Jeff. Thanks for posting B&H!

steve duman says:

you were right what you said about that we don`t have to go abroad or
anywhere overseas to get a great shots and pictures!…

msgilliam1474 says:

Great video. Most of my trouble is keeping the eyes sharp.

xero925 says:

I love this channel! Please do a Nikon D800 review!!!

bobbyntammy says:

I like this guy… real common sense ideas. He doesn’t talk to impress you
with all he knows but rather tries to teach you what he’s learned…

Errol Smith says:

Great! Just great info! Thank you for that site “Camera sim” I learned alot :) I can now graduate from using my camera phone.

Jacob Losch says:

please do a nikon d5200 video !!! please

Amal Mohammed says:

My first SLR was nikon D90

TheMojji says:

To get feedback i usually upload my photos on YouPic! anyone else tried to
learn that way?

B and H says:

The D3200 is an ideal entry level DSLR camera to start with. It has many
automated modes that will set the exposure up for you if you are not sure,
and also can be used fully manually as you grow with your photography.
Overall it has great image quality, and a nice high ISO for getting shots
in low light situations. – Yossi

David Vogt says:

Jeff seems like a really great guy and I really enjoy hearing him speak.
Thank you so much for uploading these! I do want to add that I cringed a
little bit when he told the audience to focus/recompose. It’s a wonderful
technique… if you want the person’s ears in focus.

jaminthomas says:

@ per haar. It would be a boring world if we liked everybody’s photos. Jeff
himself said it at 18:10 – some people don’t like his pictures. He shoots
for himself as we all should and for your clients if you are a pro. B&H
continues to use Jeff because he is one of their most popular speakers. He
is also a multiple Olympic shooter, so he is doing something right.

Marius B says:

this guy rocks …and Jerry Ghionis too.

B and H says:

At this point, there’s no specific page for Event Space videos – but stay
tuned for later this year, when we’ll have a better organization system for
our videos. In the meantime, you’ll find all our Event Space and other
videos at youtube{dot}com/bandh.

B3H says:

jeff seems to me like an awesome guy, im always skeptical about other
photographers and their greed for money/attention or whatever but im sure
this guy loves photography from his heart and is ready to share his
knowledge with everybody else. Thank You, Jeff!

loui0008 says:

Thank you for the useful info and good video!

Erick Marquez says:

I love the way Jeff Cable teachs !!

Stefan Hendrickx says:

Good stuff thanks Posting tech info on a blog when shooting a bar mitzvah
so the family knows you know what you’re doing seems like an odd reason
though. Shouldn’t the end results speak for themselfs?

Ducky Games says:

i’ve been obsessed with photography for 10 years or so ish now and my
parents think i’m crazy for wanting to do photography as a career. How did
you pitch photography to your family? and what was your starter camera?

richandiben says:

I really enjoyed that, a bit basic at times but that’s no bad thing. Not
the best presenter but an inspiring photographer, which is what matters.

Lexar says:

Duck – This is a tough question. Your best bet is to try and start your
photography business while doing another job and testing the waters. I am
heading back to B&H one week from today to do another presentation on “How
to start a photography business”. Watch for that here on YouTube in the
next month or so.

Ken Webb says:

Very amusing as well as educational photographically. Thanks.

excaliburtation says:

I couldn’t help but laugh when he said “this is a baby I shot at the winter
olympics in Vancouver” XD


I love this guy! Great video!

Jeff Cable says:

If you consider 8 years “recently”. I don’t :)

Wayfaring Ranger says:


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