Oss Oss Wee Oss! (1953)

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Padstow, a fishing village on the coast of Cornwall, celebrates May Day with an ancient custom: two osses (hobby-horses) dance through the town streets accompanied by drums and accordions….


Alan Lomax Archive says:
Paul McCaffrey says:


TheFolksinger says:

Watched this, by chance, on the 1st of May. Lovely ritual and one I had
never heard of before. Thanks for posting.

IIllytch321 says:

They knew how to get into it then; some of the videos I’ve just watched of
their Mayday now are tame in comparison. Culture is fascinating sometimes.
Also, when I used to drink, that’s exactly how I’d dance, heh.

Daniel POURSAC says:

la référence en Blues c’est Alan Lomax c’est pour vous

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