One of the BEST DSLR Viewfinders – Varavon Multi-Finder

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Varavon Multi-Finder for Canon 5D Mark 3.


Angel Mora says:

300 bucks for that might as well add another 700 for a nice lens 

David Mouser says:

Anyone know if it will work with a battery grip?

Subodh Kumar says:
E Russell says:

I’ve never really had trouble seeing the image in bright light, I do like
the mirror function here though. My biggest priority is the zoom of the
diopter, as the 3” often looks focussed when it actually isn’t. Can you
give any info on that please?

Dogon Reel says:

Probably Gay

MrRdbrig says:

does it only fit a specific size screen?

clipsbykris says:

what is the advantage using a view finder on the dslr camera?

cyde01 says:

they really need to make this for the gh3/4

FilmCitrus says:

I cannot find the answer to this in the specs (or anywhere else for that
matter). What’s the magnification with the loupe?

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