Nikon D7200 vs Canon 7D Mark II vs 70D Shootout

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We take a look at the new Nikon D7200 ( and compare its performance to the Canon EOS 7D Mark II ( and 70D ( by doing…


DigitalRev TV says:

Three way photography shootout? Yep, just another day in the office.

DigitalRev says:

We take a look at the new Nikon D7200 and compare its performance to the
Canon EOS 7D Mark II and 70D by doing a bit of focus fragging! Watch the
video to find out which DSLR performs the best. 

AviationXPlane says:

Very Top Gear like…loved it!

Klaus Herrmann says:

*How to test the abilities of a sports camera*

OK, this is not scientific at all. But it’s a fun way of testing cameras: A
shoot-out like in the good old wild west.

► *visit me at* *[ **** ]*

Michael Poon says:

Bumped into Lock the other day in Chaiwan at the Canon booth. He tested the
new Canon 5DS. Really nice guy. Very professional.

Yang Zhang says:

Haha.. Is this what their normal day at work like?

Aidan B says:

Why are the faces or the staff censored?

Jeremiah Yong says:

I like how the other people working just can’t be bothered

Calvin C says:

why did you not turn the anti flickering thing off on the 7D?

Wayne Simon says:

What do the other people in the office do?

Ziad AL-Abbady says:

Pentax K-3ii on the way, was wondering if DigRevTV will review it or will
ignore the fact it does exist, just like the did with K-3!

Simi Tometi says:

No love for Sony A77ii or Samsung NX1?

Kaoukabi Jaouad says:

No NX1 and no a77 mrk 2 ….. you should make your videos longer, these two
definetely shloud be on this comparaison test ….

Chuffererd says:

Can someone explain the prices on the Canon 5D MarkII some are priced in
thousands and some are priced in hundreds. They appear to be the same
camera. I don’t see any distinguishing markings that identifies them as
different. I see them priced from $599- $5000. What is just the body worth
to buy, anyone know?

Jes Roger Petersen says:

First they bought Kelby, then DRTV :-)

AlphaEckoNiner9ner says:

Dear DRTV,

How about doing some handy videos on the best / optimal gear setup for
different genres of photography? (i.e.: for landscapes, for sports, for
street, etc). I am sure some of us would love to see if what we have in our
bags, are actually the right tools for the job. You’d be able to showcase
more stuff in a single episode. #justsaying #onecanhope

Thank you!

IndianTelephone says:

How does autofocus focus so fast? I only have 600D with kit lens, so I dont
understand. Is this s feature in high end cameras where the autofocus re
adjusts at on subject even though you have the shutter button pressed?

MandurahChess says:

Maybe Lok should have swung the screen out and shot in live view the better
to hide his head.

Mok-Yi Chow says:

Very creative & fun, just what I subscribed to this channel for!

adey231 says:

Found 3 new presenters for Top Gear……..

Nathaniel Westveer says:

My gh4 would blow all 3 of these away.

TheHDReleaser says:

LOK = The sneaky Ex super duper military ninja

Honkey says:

This looks like a very shitty place to work. I’m sorry.

deathspawn54 says:

okay but seriously what happened to alamby?

OrangeVenom says:

Can You Please Do A Giveaway, I really Need An Improved Dslr.

Jimmy Nordström says:

No sniper?

Ben Roeger says:

I would expect the 70D to be the worst out of the 3. If you bought the 70D,
like me, you bought it because of it’s revolutionary video. Let me tell
you. Believe the hype. The 70D has awesome tracking in video.

Damon Lam says:

I guess the only reason the other staff at DigitalRev haven’t thrown out
the DRTV team collectively is because this channel actually have a
significant viewership lol.

pscully1969 says:

Now THAT’S a camera test! Suddenly my own office job seems mundane….

Iñaki Pelonio says:

Check out Canon’s new 760D. 

chandan cg says:

digitalrev is soo biased to use sony a77 mark 2.what a shame

Zbigniew Żuchowski says:

create movie about the same lens and different body
Maybe with sigma 17-50

Ren Suzugamori says:

If you want the best similarly priced camera, get the d7200 over the 70d.
If you have lots of money, get the 7d2. If you have brand preferences,
stick to the brand you feel more comfortable with. Either way, these 3
DSLRs are the best crop DSLRs on the market right now and you can’t go
wrong with any of them, including the 70d.

andersdenkend says:

Asian girls the best!

parky says:

AW my 70d got picked last HAHAHA

James Powell says:

+DigitalRev TV is so good that I watch video’s about things I don’t even
care about, and type comments like this on my crappy barely loading 2007
MacBook Pro while my iMac is being serviced.

morgand7000 says:

I actually really enjoyed this video! Thanks guys!

Vicente Pantoja says:

Why 70D?
Sony A77II
Pentax K3
Samsung NX1
Even Fujifilm XT1 are better competitors!

goollink says:

just like the old days with airsoft gun :)

Gokul Krishna Addanki says:

Would you be doing a similar comparison between Canon vs Nikon vs Sony.. I
would really like to see that. 

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