Newborn Photography: Flow Posing with Kelly Brown

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Kelly Brown demonstrates her flow posing techniques in this clip from the Newborn Photography Bootcamp on CreativeLive. Celebrated photographer, Kelly Brown works…


Frederick Dunn says:

What is the best room temperature for photographing infants? Not too hot,
not too cold? Such an excellent demonstration, thank you very VERY much…
I’m becoming a grandfather two times this year :) :)

Gina cucceraldo says:

I loved this, so helpful! I wish this copy of the video showed when she was
actually wrapping him though =-( I missed that the first time around and I
need lots of help in that department.

K. Trey Pro says:

What a cooperative model.

jumaigac says:

3:17 !! :) btw lovely work

Panagiotis Filippou says:

Newborn Photography: Flow Posing with Kelly Brown: via @YouTube

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