More Great Short Films and A Few DSLR Tips From a Charismatic Belgian! : Moguler Made: June 7, 2012

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Oggohoko says:


FPSAlgeria says:

i am a filmmaker from algeria and i have no views on my short films :( it
make’s me loose all my energy of doing that

Cam'sJungleAquaria says:


natanlm88 says:

lololololol 43

joao046 says:


Cassius Grey says:

your fringe needs to pick a direction.


THIRD TO REspond!!!

legostarwarsfan20101 says:

I love that nose!!

BuckNutProductions says:


Nicholas Ryan Weber says:


Nicholas Ryan Weber says:

from the first mini-dv camera I used thru the T2i and 7D and into the Red
One and Epic I have always researched my cameras before using them. Nikon
has always been behind Canon as far as video is concerned, and whenever
they catch up, they are quickly surpassed again by Canon. Nikon’s arn’t the
best option for video. If you want tips for Nikon, look to photography
tutorials. Nikon excel in photography, not really in video. And don’t be so
quick to call someone a noob :)

RectorJim says:

How about some Nikon DSLR video tips?

mokmok8080 says:


FallenPlagueFilms says:

I need a bigger exposure to a bigger audience I’m working on a short film
which you guys can see the trailer on my channel, but it be nice if you
guys supported a fellow film maker.

xremdog29x says:

lol people actually use nikon

SillySweetPea1969 says:

For someone who claims to be such an experienced photographer one might
expect a more encouraging comment when all the guy did was ask for some
help with his Nikon. Maybe you’re not a noob but you sounded like a Canon
snob with that comment. If you got a lot of Nikon glass and you want to
shoot video the latest Nikons are a good option and no one likes to get put
down for their choice in gear.

Russell Hasenauer says:

You couldn’t possibly mean my nose!

Nicholas Ryan Weber says:

If your only reason to shoot on Nikon is because you have Nikon glass then
your starting off on the foot to begin with. Use the camera that best suits
your needs. For video, that is usually a Canon. Get an adaptor. For any
other camera systems there are adaptors as well. The original comment was
sarcasm, but I am glad it opened up this discussion :D It had nothing to do
with encouragement, tho the best tip I can give is to actually research
your cameras and come to your own decisions

Stubb says:

Typical Canon superiority complex. LOL.

Indy Mogul says:

Just coincidence! The videos are more or less shown in the order received.
We could have a week of all ten minute videos at some point if things
worked out that way. – Russ

Nicholas Ryan Weber says:

Has nothing to do with Canon, read the other more constructive thread off
of this comment


THumbs up if you are one of the first 100!

RDJim says:

you must be stuck with an old SD camcorder but love the idea of owning a
canon…lol. don’t be hate’n on Nikon noob.

Richard Lozano says:

does anyone know how to do special effects

ClickActionFilms says:

THAT WAS MY INTRO!! Thank you so much indymogul for using it!!!!

GuerillaTacticsFilm says:

Thank you very much Russell and all of Indy Mogul for doing this for
independent film-makers, and thank you for featuring one of our videos!

GHWMR says:

let me check your films out :)

caloTV says:



bang pop wollop

Eye//of//Infinity says:

how about not… LONG LIVE CANON

ToBeCeen says:

Hey Russ, I got a question. I’ve been informing myself a lot about
partnership, but one thing I don’t get is that the partnership is only
restricted to a few countries. Well, I’m from Belgium which is a country
that is not listed on the partners program. Do you know any way people from
my country could get partnership anyway? I’m not talking about how to get
your content out there, but I’m talking about how to apply and not get
limited because of where you live. Greetz ToBeCeen (Love the show)

CRebProductions says:

Very cool! Thanks!

GHWMR says:

You’ve got a lot more subs and views then I got. Anyway, I’ll sub as I’m
looking forward to your short film

GHWMR says:

how special do they need to be?

Indy Mogul says:

You’re welcome sir! Thanks for sending it in! – Russ

AntiSchuppenGel says:

Which DSLR should i buy? The Canon 600D or the Nikon D5100?

Jordan Fountain says:


zebracloak says:

All pretty good vids this week.

FPSAlgeria says:

thanks man you are great

CRebProductions says:

Will you guys be showing longer “shorts” in this as well? I’ve noticed that
at least this week everything (minus the tutorials) has been around 5
minutes or less. I’m just wondering if that’s coincidence or if there is
some kind of limit on what you define as short.

GHWMR says:

I would try to use better titles and more tags.

Eduards Jašs says:

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