Making A Graphic Logo Using Adobe Photoshop CS6 Professional Design Tutorial

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Close Making A Graphic Logo Using Adobe Photoshop CS6 Professional Design Tutorial In this speed drawing I use Adobe Photoshop CS6 to cr…


PatrickCarmeloBeats says:

where do you get all those fonts and stuff?

Magoffice says:

at 0:04 he pulls up a list of different shapes and stuff how do i access

Larah Monica says:

i wish this was slower. :(

W.Y .N says:

Erwin Joseph Macalalad says:

Just a little bit slower

Prime Fate says:

Wow you are a pro I seems to me at photoshop but I’m not very good at
Photoshop so I guess a lot of things in Photoshop look amazing

SeanyStacks says:

Best so far!!!!

codyowh says:


budi jojo says:

very2 good……..

Rohitha Wijerathne says:

nice work..

xTooXGood7x says:

how you get all this banners and stars??

UncleBubbafelt says:

The Font he used for the background shape was Cornucopia Caligraphica Two

Soniya Naidu says:

how do i contact you guys personally :)

StreetHeat Muzik says:

Hey can’t we just download and slow this video down with a video editing
program.? ijs

kled osirac says:

shadow bending techniques changing colors

C-Loz Beats says:

This video is sick. i would have stopped half way and would have been
satisfied, but once you started adding the concrete at 3:47 i was amazed
and couldnt wait to see what was coming next.. it was perfect at 4:25 but
everything you did after that was too much in my opinion. none the less an
amazing video

RedArtMedia1 says:

Hey man, trust me when I tell you, please…I beg you, please hang around,
I give you my word, I will teach you EVERYTHING YOU NEED TO KNOW TO BECOME
GREAT!!!! Anywho, I got the brushes and shapes from a site called

Stifler Boss says:

from were insert that images ? were i found that menu ?

tims gay says:

I’d love u forever if u taught me as well!!

fps_GameVicio says:

intend peste nenhuma cara vai devagar pw num da pra aconpanha

GmusicismylifeT says:

THIS IS AWEOSME!!..the video should be just a little bit slower :P

FuZe TV says:

Looks like u are talking to yourself !

Bailey18484 says:

Whoa so cool

Raven says:

Im a new subscriber, and I have a bit of a problem, any chance ya know how
to switch my CS6 to english? Mines in french, I mean I ‘ve memorized it
enough to not need it, but some words like”Merger” dont come in french very

Sebgear says:

dude please make a tutorial about this

Burks Turks says:

How do you get all those shapes 0:05 any help ?

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