Macro Lens Review For Canon DSLR – Photography 101 Wide Angle

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This is a review for a Massa 0 45x Wide Angle Macro Lens for a Canon DSLR. Photography 101 – Tips, Tricks, Tutorials and Reviews. Macro Lens Review For Canon DSLR – Photography 101 Wide …


southernexposure123 says:

Thanks for the video.
Just over a month ago I got a lens converter like that for my HF R400
camcorder. And like yours, mine caused vignetting at the camera’s widest
setting, but so what, that camera says the widest angle is about 3 mm
anyway. And like yours it does go away by zooming a little. I don’t know
how to calculate the 35 mm equivaent of the combination.
I do like the macro part of that lens. Its about equal in
magnification to a 10X closeup filter. I shot the Moon with my macro
lens. ha ha Yes the macro lens did focus on the moon, but once you think
about it with the moon any clear piece of glass should focus. The Moon
is just a little bright disc to the camera.
As you might already know, the R400 doesn’t allow removing its lens
and there’s little that’s made in the way of add on lenses for that sort of
camera. What I did was a little reading about lenses and some
experimenting and I made a 3X or 4X magnifier (teleconverter?) and it does
make the moon bigger than my camera’s 32X that’s built in. (Afocal)
I posted a shot of the Moon with the camera’s lens only – by setting
manual exposure to some of its underexposure settings, but I haven’t yet
posted a shot of the Moon with the macro lens nor with the magnifier lens
because I’m still in the process of making a mount for all the added stuff
I’ll fasten to the tripod.
Oh, the lens I made is nothing more than a surplus lens (200 mm focal
length) from an old binocular and using the macro lens for the eyepiece.
The macro lens focal length is somewhere near 60 mm. Its all held in place
using PVC plumber’s pipe.
I’ll post a “how I made it” video once I have everything constructed.
Thanks again and – Keep on posting those tips.
Oh, by the way – what would happen if you removed the macro part of
that adapter and fastened just the wide angle part of the lens to your

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