Long Exposure Photography Tutorial (Light trails)

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http://www.PhotoBlazr.com – 2 Minute Tutorial – How to shoot long exposure photos (light trails) of traffic in 4 steps. This week’s tutorial shows you how to…


Shuha shabnam says:

just bought a tripod today.. thanks.. im gonna try this

วีรวัฒน์ อ่วมขันธ์ says:

1. Tripod
2. Low ISO
3. Set Aperture F/10-F/11
4.Try shutter speeds longer than 2 seconds

David Koski says:

you can get more at
https://plus.google.com/117154218957469282190/posts/6fgwHeaZ44d best
tutorials for photography

Aj Cardenas says:

How can i do it with an olympus e20???? I cant find the “ISO” or any of
that stuff. Im kinda new at this

cankarales says:

i love long exposure photography. and i too use the D3000 :D

PhotographersOnUTube says:

@714iskate I just googled the 2 cameras you mentioned. Sorry, you can’t
adjust the shutter speed on those 2 Sony models. You need a camera that
allows you to take pictures on manual mode. Sony does make good entry level
advance cameras like Sony DSCH50 or DSCH20. Those cameras will let you take
pictures in manual mode.

Adam Potter says:

ah i see.. i was looking for it and i couldn’t find anything.. thanks for
the advice. and i’ll make a video showing you my shots. cool? thanks again :D

Alex Ortiz says:

@soldout99 i have the same camera and i was about to ask the same question
where you able to get some good results?

ptlofts says:

Great info. Many thanks!

714iskate says:

can i do this with a sony dsc-t700? or a sony dsc-p93. i need help with this

saksham2779 says:

because if the iso is high, the end result will be a white image, due to
high exposure. that is also a reason its hard to do this in broad daylight.

Abi799 says:

I’ve been looking for this for months!!! And didn’t even know how to do
it.. But finally you taught me! Thanks alotttttttt :D

Sajal K. Mitra says:

thanks for the tutorial..i was always amazed to see these light trails
photos. Now i know how to do it!

photoblazr says:

@crisstayeul the controls do depend on your SLR (some advance point &
shoots will also let you use it).. you will need to put the camera into
Aperture or Manual mode (A or M on the dial) first, and then use the
camera’s control to reduce the aperture (usually by a dial or through the
menu). If you tell me your camera model i’d be able to be more explicit.
just msg me directly if you like. tx!

Brian Flo says:

Nice and clear and right to the point, thank you!

eleven38 says:

if only u could change these setting on phone cameras

crisstayeul says:

i wonder how do i stop down the aperture? can you help me with that thanks
your tutorial is awesome btw!

CobaltFoxStudio says:

I recognize the highway as soon as I saw Superstore and Best Buy. Great

Adam Potter says:

@143travieso ah awesome.. yeah i managed to get some good shots, but it
took me a while to set everything up, but otherwise, yeah, i got some good

ernixy says:

hi, what’s wrong w/ f22?

slysoft says:

and use timer to avoid shaking from hand when you push the button

Aaron Dert says:

Would I get the same effect If I shit this setting the aperture to F/22 and
the shutter speed to maybe 20″?

TheGlobalmy says:

Less noise, + makes it possible to have long shutter speeds

PhotographersOnUTube says:

@alirezvi Yes you can take pictures in manual mode with DSC H55 but the
smallest aperture is 8 so your pictures maybe a bit overexposed with longer

Photo Extremist says:

@Nukturnuz low ISO = Low noise

Nolascko Revv says:

/timoarnall/light-painting-wifi (TYPE AFTER VIMEO.COM)

World2010Traveller says:

Thanks for the vid.. straight to the point :)

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