Logo Design Practice – Random Letter #3

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http://www.designcourse.com/videos/logo-design-practice-technique-random-letter-3/164 – A fun logo design practice technique to help you think quick on your …


Horizon Dialect says:

Could you do a video comparing front-end development frameworks and do a
video about grid systems? 

PTedro says:

I like it! :)

Keep it Up!

Jiroscopes says:

Neat idea!

zyzo99 says:

Like it too! 

Vernon Nash says:

I wasn’t sure where you were going with this one and then when you reduced
the logo in size the image became clear.

Jiroscopes says:

Neat idea!

Stefan Avdalovic says:

Rape 3:)

Alex Reschka says:

Random letter X please! Lol 

Elena Kuzhel says:

Logo looks to complex and unreadebel.

Ahmed PJS says:

You should give the letter G green color it will be more effective, and as
usual great tutorial.

DesignCourse says:

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