Living Photos • A Photography Experiment

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sawyerhartman says:

Your comments have made every minute I spent behind the camera or computer
not only worth it, but i’m ready to make another 11 lol 

Tyler Oakley says:

Wow, this is fucking EPIC. I love it. GOOD JOB SAWYER. I know how hard you
worked on it and it was SO WORTH THE EFFORT.

Joey Gatto says:

that was sick 

Maria T says:

0:32 is Lia right?

Eden-sky Davies says:

Sawyer bae you don’t have to do that for us don’t spent any more time
please there amazing but we viewers don’t want to be making you do anymore
if it’s wasting your time 

May Gilson says:

Is that sawyers girlfriend at the end?

Marama Noble says:

That girl standing in front of the letters that light up looks like lia
Marie Johnson 

valarie T. says:

who was the girl at the end of the video with sawyer!?

Izzy Francis says:

More pics of him and his GF!!! awww <3

Tess MyOwnStoryline says:

Wauw beautiful photos!

lola banks says:

But whats the Point?

Makala Harris says:

That was most magical, mesmerizing, and magnificent. (ohh alliteration, see
what I did there) Great Job Sawyer!!

Maria Paez says:

That was absolutely amazing!!’ You are so talented 

yasmine b says:

that’s beautiful

Halesie_22 says:

OMG it was sooooooooo cool!! So sick!

olivia wang says:


sarah dorval says:

Great job, sawyer! Absolutely beautiful and amazing

Morgan Florczak says:

Really cool!!! And love the music

Breanna Gores says:

That was sooo cool!!!

Megan Brown says:

Can you make a video on how to take this kind of photo and what kind if
camera you need?

Caroline Belle says:

Hi Sawyer! I just wanted to say that I’m fifteen years old and an amateur
film student/actor and a professional author. YOU ARE MY INSPIRATION. I
hope to one day be at least half as good at filming as you, and then I know
I will have made it in life. You have the ability to take the simplest of
things and make them beautiful or exciting, and I just think that’s
awesome! Right now I’m filming a short film with my friend and some music
videos, and I strive to be just like you! My film professor loves your work
as well! I was wondering what editing software you use? I use a blend of
Final Cut 7 and Final Cut Pro for editing at school, but at home I use
Anyway, I just wanted to say thank you for putting your videos out there
and I’m so glad I found you on YouTube!! :)

Carol Correia says:



these photos are fucking amazing sawyer! you are so talented! much love and
support to you!

wendy espinoza says:

holy crap those were amazing!

Mag B says:


Nia Parris says:

That. Is. AMAZING!!!! :D

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