Live tutorial: Street photography with Matt Hart

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X-Photographer Matt Hart shares his hints and tips on Street photography at The Photography Show 2015. X-Photographer page:


Tami Howard says:

Matt Hart–cool talk on street photography
#streetphotography #fujifilm +Matt Hart 

Søren Brøndum Christensen says:

Live tutorial: Street photography with Matt Hart:

Ham kan jeg ikke blive uenig med :-)

Felix Jakob says:

So street photography is about secretly spying on people? Using wifi on
your phone to secretly trigger your camera? I don’t like the message of
this talk. For me street photography is something else.

Fred Vasquez says:

Very nicely done with some very good point :)

Shay Allen says:

Nice job!

daimler naranjo says:

Siento no estar de acuerdo, no veo en esto fotografía callejera. Solo veo a
un chico con Iphone vendiendo una camara. Creo que le hubiera sentido mas
sincero si se pone unas gafas google y me dice que así es que se hace
fotografía callejera.

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