Lightroom Quick Tips – Episode 23: White Balance in Long Exposure Night Photography

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This is the 23rd episode of Lightroom Quick Tips where I give a single, quick Lightroom tip. Often, when taking long exposure shots at night, street lamps will cast an unnatural golden glow….



Your vids really help. Thanks for sharing your knowledge. Much appreciated.

Hiram Pagan says:

Thanks so much! Your videos are helping us a lot!

Ivar Tjärnstig says:

Been shooting a lot of night photo this winter, and have had exactly this
problem, thanks for this video, great tips!

Darryl Chiew says:

Thanks Anthony, just did some northern light shots and I remembered reading
the WB to be tungsten which I didn’t remember to do when shooting so I had
to PP in LR5 but your painting in the WB is a great idea and I will try
this out. Thank you again, your tutorials are great and easy to follow. 

Fotograf Słomiński says:

Well Done +Anthony Morganti Thank you :)

Kevin Mathison says:

Great information. Really cool !

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