Light Painting Photography Tutorial: Custom White Balance

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well, you are able to tell the camera and adjust the WB as you like in any
RAW-compatible program..

Doan N. Dong says:

I guess I have to buy a blender to do this.

Majd David says:

very cool, thanks 

Azden Gouair says:

Dude.. u got balls to be in the woods alone at night
Ur my hero hhhh thanks for the tut.

oitsonlikedonkeykong says:

should i take my af to mf cos it just wont take a picture with the screen
is full

Eric Teo says:

look awesome…but i use nikon D7000. how i set up my D7000 look like this
awesome photography??? Can you please teach me.. Thank you..

Endhong Lee says:

Here is a much easier method to capture light painting – *TrickPhotoEffects.

ari mogan raj says:

can’t we do this in post?

Sami Razzaq says:

Awesome wor

Jason Mason says:

Thanks, more tutorials can be found at nice stuff

alanmorc says:

to make that kind of light you a flashlight tied to a rope so that tell me
how you move the flashlight that way

Brad Woodfield says:

glow stick on the end of a string..

dorbaful says:

“somethings coming through the bush” *WHACK WHACK WHACK*

arneldoll andres says:

It’s not clear to me. Can you explain step by step how did do in the
camera? My camera is 450d canon

Jacque Buskowitz says:

how to change the white balance with canon?

Survivorist says:

I should also add that what was blue becomes white in this sense, so you
are left with red and white hues and little to no blue ones.

TheMichael408 says:

No because TRUE light painters believe a perfect image comes out of the
camera with no post processing, so they only shoot it JPEG

Harris Ananiadis says:

I agree with Raffix394, it is unneceary when you shoot RAW

LasCronicasdeYorch says:

You mean the pussy mode? right?

Brent Newton says:

If ur going to use Ps, you might as well not do any of the light painting
and just make all the lights in Ps. I also believe also that true light
painting is done all natu-ral. =)

John Carbone says:

very cool thanks

serendib7 says:

What do we do if we don’t have a blender?

Harish Narendar says:

Hey Jason, coud you share what kind of a light device did you use in your
video? it looks like u had a small LED torch or something tied to a string.
could you please share the details. Thnx. Nice video

Crocodileofdoom says:

do you have and ebook or something?

6Bene says:

Hello great tutorial on lightpainting. Now, can you give us any tips how to
protect your self againts witches and negative forest spirits during the
night photoshoot. thanks

Tiari says:

Well yes as far as I know, depending on your camera sharpening level,
contrast and saturation settings, color temperature / white balance, and so
on are stored in the RAW file.(Some cameras compress these files, others
don’t). Anything you change in your camera is just software based and can
also be done with Adobe Camera Raw (or equivalent program) afterwards.
Doing this directly in the camera is just for convenience.

Ricardo Clark says:

Hey!!! I need your help!! I have 2 questions: 1. If it is so dark outside
how do I make sure that the camera is in focus!?!?lolol. And 2: How do you
do get the end result pic without your body being shown in the pic!?

Sam Amar says:

wait, how fast do u actually spin it? should put it in real time for at
least one of them

أبو الحسام says:

Maybe, this is for those who don’t a RAW editing software. He said that:
“no digital manipulation”.

Mikey McGriskin says:

This is great for various reasons.Very informative and comical. Dope.

rphsyeda says:

this is absolutely amazing! I can barely take pictures with my regular
camera of people just standing… what do you say to someone who wants to
develop this hobby? where should one start and who do I seek for learning?
thanks in advance! :)

Lasse Lindström says:

what kind of light thingy did you use for the orb?

Launceston CC says:

it does show you how he does it, a light on a string. You fling it aroud in
circles and you move around in a circle also.

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