LG G4 long exposure photography demo

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PhoneArena presents a video demonstrating the LG G4′s long exposure photography. ——– PhoneArena.com is your ultimate source of mobile tech news, reviews, and info. The PhoneArena YouTube.


ICE Starboy says:

that actually looks very cool

Mauricio salazar rosas says:

Interesante :3 el 1020 lo y todos los lumia con app de Nokia lo hacen hasta
4 y velocidad de 1/16000 para la mas rapida

Rafael Bueno says:

I’ve been wating for this for a long time! Nice! Even though there’s an
great app for iOS called Slow Shutter (
https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/slow-shutter!/id616728746?mt=8 ) which can
do it.

Tyler Frank says:

Woe I wonder what mysterious competitors those are 

Baba Novac says:

That was something like 4s exposure time, it’s that the maximum? The Nokia
Lumia (1020, 930, 830, 1520 etc) can do 4s from 2 years. The Galaxy K Zoom
with 16s exposure say “that’s cute”.

HUNTER 18 says:

Every thing in g4 sucks accept camera app
The s6 edge is better than g4 in every thing but the camera the time will
tell us
But i think g4 is better 

Alejandro Rubio says:


Really serius says:

Dam, this phone is just perfect.

Sebastian Giebels says:

although this is really nice and shows what mobile phones are capable of
today, I think this is just totally unnecessary in everyday use

dchao22 says:

wow. i love it!

dvfcpl says:

All flagships LUMIA have 4s exposure.
Where are the innovation?

Ricky Perez says:

This demo is stupid, the Galaxy S6 can do the same thing on manual mode.
Put them all on the same settings, don’t show just one on a different
setting and the others on auto. Poor demo LG

S Saini says:

WOW LG nailed it

Gaurav Sharma says:

Well thats a gud feature LG …
But wat about when the fone is in ur hand ..
Then u will have 2 hold it very stable or put it down ..
Bcuse long exposure photography requires zero movement 

Eagle Ales says:


Γιαννης Παπαδοπουλος says:

seems that lg g4 hype is over 9000 i have seen so many videos a lot more
than s6 when it first came out lol i knew it !!!!! fk yeah lg rocks once
again g4 >s6>i6>htc one m9 everything

Lindy-Licious Nutella IDDI says:

LG G4 long exposure photography demo : https://youtu.be/gSytRybVxfc

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