Layer Masks Explained! Photoshop 6, 7 or CS2 CS3 CS4 CS5

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Close explains Photoshop CS5 Layers and Layer Masks.


Christine or Christi says:

I have a question, so i just started using photoshop and its all very new
too me… but how do i bring in a different photo for a layer? (like you
did with the clouds?) on the screen it just appeared out of nowhere, how?
what do i have to open to add that as a layer? 

John Russo says:

Thank you :) 

wearefamilyxx says:

So sorry so long in replying. Thanks so much for answering my question I
have got it now :) I am so grateful to you as now I think im beginning to
get the idea of photoshop :)

Sucharitha V says:

hehe nobdoy could beliv that is a sky awwh how sweet :D

Omar Hamdy says:

soooooooooo nice

Riverside says:

A very detailed DVD is available for sale at my site. Yes it is all pretty
involved and you can’t get all in 8 minutes!

GustavsRe says:

Finally a tutorial that gets to the very basics. Layers are the most
confusing part for me as a beginner, but the way you explained with glass
example was great. Good job on that. Tho when you got to the importing of
the Sky picture the explanation got lost . You cant explain everything, but
for me to get a background image/masking etc is very confusing. Hard to see
how it all plays together. Tutorial would be just perfect if you covered
those parts just as good as in beginning.

wearefamilyxx says:

Sorry meant to say im using the photoshop SC2

vincent laguna says:

. . . you shouldn’t even be allowed to touch the keypad!

Michelle Mills says:

Thank you so much for responding. I’ve watched several tutorials, and you
have a very clear, easy manner that makes total sense. Wonderful work. I
may be doing some purchasing soon!

wearefamilyxx says:

Hi Great video so kind of you to do and at last I figured out how to open
up photoshop :) Could you tell me though please how I get another picture
across like the sky into my layers as just keeps updating the picture I
already have there is I try . Thanks so much :)

Riverside says:

Oh sure — 8 minutes of free valuable information and somebody has to find
3 seconds of something to criticize. How I love my fans!

vincent laguna says:

You’re so right, it can be a cruel world . Know that your valuable
information is greatly appreciated. @angelina1297 what are you, like twelve?

Riverside says:

Just go to “File” and choose “Open” to get two photos open at the same
time. Then use your ‘Move’ tool to drag the sky photo on to the other! This
works in all versions of Photoshop. You will have to ‘tear away’ each photo
from the top bar first, to make them separate windows. Click and hold on
its title bar and drag it down a little and it will ‘tear away’. Watch my
new video on floating Photoshop windows.

Michelle Mills says:

I also have photoshop CS2. I’m having difficulty opening and using two
photos at once. I’d like to be able to do what you are doing with the model
and the sky example. I’m sure you must have a later version. Do you have
any idea of how I might do the example of layer masking with two photos as
you demonstrate on this video? Thank you!

Sylph Natural says:

Thank you Riverside Your video tutorial offered a simple yet
helpful explanation about layers. Youtube tutorials are better than reading
a wall of text, and I will have fun experimenting with layers.

Riverside says:

From your ‘main’ image (my main image is the girl), just go to “File” and
choose “Open” and go find the other image you want. When that image is
open, use your “Move” tool to drag the new image over to your main image.

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