Landscape Photography Tips and Tricks

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Hey guys I wanted to take you with me on a recent landscape shoot along a local river and share some landscape photography tips and tricks. Let me know if yo…


TheAK47s says:

I thought this was an amazing video. I just watched it for entertainment! I
love photography and I love taking landscape photos

Key Lenny says:

Can you do a video on your magic lantern setup to see that screen in
I really like this video good job!

izzysmart says:

i so here u on shooting stuff to death. :)

Skiz316 says:

Where do you keep the Zoom H1 at while recording? Sounds excellent!

Fish says:

Aw man, he forgot his video camera at the end. What a shame

Tony Fernandez says:

Not sure if I liked this video or not. Weird. Tips were great and watching
Magic Lantern do its thing was cool… But the first 4 minutes could’ve
been edited out of this video. 

Neil Franklin says:

Didnt find this video very good and got a bit bored to be honest :-( I
think it was all the gear tech that spoilt it for me . I also think that
some of your shots were a bit to much post photoshop too. I enjoyed your
little trip though but would have enjoyed it better if someone else would
have been doing the filming . :-)

Maarten Van Den Berg says:

nice video… very bad preparation ! if I had a ND filter… dude why dont
you have one ???? F16 -> DIFFRACTION ! I understand you have to squeeze
this much becoz you dont have a ND filter… thats why you SHOULD ! Also
you see the sky is completely blown out… also use a GND filter. Nice
equipment… but for what you do NOT GOOD ENOUGH… you NEED filters ! Your
HDR wont work with movement… and in nature mostly you have MOVEMENT.

Sorry to brake you down… but I think its a very bad video with tips and
tricks .. HDR is nice for inside churches NOT in nature where movement is
always pressent !

ISO 50 does NOT exist on a 5D .. this is FAKES ISO … read about it… be4
you go out and teach others learn a bit more yourself… nice beginner
video… but to many mistakes to count and name

SouthGamingVideos says:

Very good video!

Trick Photography and Special Effects says:

Landscape and nature photography have always been near and dear to my
heart. Thanks for posting this video.

XDSamXD says:

+GadgetsNGear Very nice video and very nice HDR post processing… I love
the fact that they don’t look cheesy or overdone at all…Natural and
smooth, something I’ve been trying to do for a long time quite
unsuccesful…Could you possibly send me some sort of workflow or link for
a more natural and smooth effect like yours? Answering you question at the
end of the video, there are many places where I have been multiple time, I
find useful to go there with only specific lenses, like primes or macro
only or wide only, so that every time I can focus on that kind of shots
only…make sense? Cheers from Italy…

Randy Dietmeyer says:

Good video. And yes, like you mentioned toward the end, I do have some
areas that I have photographed WAY too much -and will continue to do so!
Even though I have taken hundreds of pictures of Superstition mountain (and
most from close to the same spot!) I still feel that that “perfect” one is
still out there.


magpul cap :P

Arasaw Tumpaak AWA says:

I could use that for my portrait shoots as well nice one

Steffen Salvador says:

Hi, thanks for this awsome video, there are many tipps and tricks. I really
like your idea of carrying a tripodd :D And of cause all your other tipps.
It is really great, that you show us the final picture at the moment when
you are capturing the foto. Thanks a lot, I hope there are comming more
videos like this one…
Greetings from Germany :)

Elle Champion says:

you’re hot!

Venkteshwar Singh ranout says:

you good sir .. ..+ my respect that was really pretty hard …. but you
did it like it was as easy as the glassy water of the river .. :D

PixelNetwork says:

It’s Ryan Renoulds!

Rafe Butler says:

YES keep doing these lol I live in Rome Ga and I love going to Berry
College with my fiance we do alot of Photography there! +GadgetsNGear

SaNtOsH Misal says:

Nice & Informative of actual conditions in photographers life.. :)

Vince Angello says:

what a good job dude.. ^_^

Andrew Smith says:

Wow Martin van der berg, that is some of the most negative stuff I’ve ever
heard, I thought this video was very good, the photo of the bridge is
awesome. There is no right or wrong in photography, all you need is a
camera and your imagination, you can only learn as much as you want to
experience. I just think you shouldn’t be so negative about other peoples

sonja C says:

Thanks for sharing. Good tips.

bokeflo says:

Looks Like a Interesting Spot for a Photo Hike.

Mazter0fRemix says:

Why would you do long exposures on day time ? Can somebody explain ?

William Bell says:

I’d love for someone to do something similar to this video for an
astrophotography shoot. That is such a tricky thing to get especially when
incorporating landscapes with the sky.

steve dickin says:

I enjoyed this, I am looking to start doing this sort of stuff and it is
good to see how others do it and to hear some tips.

Juan Ng says:

the one with the bamboo was just so pretty. 

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