Korean Street Music in Low Light—Voigtländer 25mm f/0.95

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Russ went around Seoul, South Korea, in the Insadong district, recording some of the local street performers as a way to test out his new Voigtlander 25mm le…




Chef Kendra Nguyen says:

It looks like the lens stood up really well. Cool video.

Jeremy Patterson says:

Russ did you buy this lens after seeing Shane Caruth’s Upstream Color?

Malcolm Gee says:

Amazing Bokeh!

Russell Hasenauer says:

Yep, Flow Motion 2.02 hack

Danger says:

f0.95 is a larger aperture than f4. Its been proven many times over that a
lower quality camera with a high quality lens will produce better results
than a top dollar camera with a cheap lens. This voigtlander costs more
than most peoples cameras, is incredibly fast, and with a f0.95 aperature,
there is no noise in low light. The last thing I would call it is shitty.


That asian guy sounds really good

Benjamin Harvey says:


Russell Hasenauer says:

GH2, actually. But yes, personally, I like this camera more than a 5d!

RDFStudios says:

Is the lens a MFT lens or 35mm lens. If so then you were getting a 50mm
view correct.

CoreyView says:

The 1st guy and the second guy ended on the same chord at the end. That was

Michael Weil says:

the lens looks amazing, but the lack of stabilization is felt. in movies
i’m sure it would look stunning, when used with some kind of rig

Edwin Coro says:

that was pretty dope

Purple Turkey says:

Well hi!

robbyboyo says:

This lens sure splits opinions. Thanks for sharing Russell. I have the 20mm
1.7 for low light stuff.

KHKreations says:

What camera is being used?

hoodrich14 says:

why were your angles always so low? also I bet it was hard keeping focus
with that aperture huh?

WantTeaBag says:

0.95 focusing must be a pain

MrMLGuel says:

I want Kombya’s music now!!!!! Who knows where I can find it.

udoudo100 says:

Go die in a ditch

Jonathan Alcaraz says:

That lens. So much light coming in! Gorgeous.

Josh Sarwono says:

This video has great content. But Come On.. Let’s be honest.. It’s as shaky
as a dildo. Whereas an image stabilized lens would be more versatile and
make your content enjoyable. There are lenses like 24-70 2.8 is from tamron
and shit. I’d rather invest in ff body than expensive shitty lens like
this. This is hipstery at its best.. Well.. This channel and cocksuckers
like you are hipsters.

Russell Hasenauer says:

Er… yeah. Sure thing, sir.

Russell Hasenauer says:

Went between ISO 400, 640, and 800 depending on the situation. Also had to
change the f-stop up to about an f2 in some situations. No stabilization

Salina Fabrizio says:

low angles are typical from a voigtlander lens

hold the chicken says:

I’m petty sure its actually like an f1.9 lens on full frame. Stops go 1.0,
1.4, 2.0, 2.8, 4.0, 5.6, 8.0, 11.0, etc

Russell Hasenauer says:

MFT, so yeah that should be right.

Dimrain13 says:

Audio was sketchy. but that lens though…

elfaroproductions says:

Wow that lens looks Great! but the hand held footage was a little shaky for
my liking. Great job Russ, looking forward to more>>>

Russell Hasenauer says:

I had seen those before and did a lot of searching for image comparison and
in the end I went for what I thought was better quality. But it’s still a
great lens!

Russell Hasenauer says:

Thank you!

Photodries says:

What kind of camera did you use?

diasslo says:

Wow, the image stabilization is very needed with this lens

MattThe500th says:


LizardonaLeash says:

thumbs up if you read this

Matt Sands says:

So when is the Kickstarter beginning for the Kobya documentary? ;)
Seriously though, I’d pay to see that doc get made. He seemed like a really
interesting and talented guy. Footage looks great!

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