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Kodak 1958 factory film This fascinating 1958 documentary titled, “How Film is Made”, that documents the production process and birth of photographic and cinematic film, was initially discovered…


iandvaag says:

That last line still rings true: “Shoot it now, while you still have the

Pochuan Hung says:


pinoy0978234 says:

whoa! this is really awesome! I love film and I still shoot film, but where
is the safety in that factory?!?! bare hands, no respirators, that one man
touching radioactive material with his bare hands! I’m glad I didn’t work
in a factory in the 50′s

Douglas Bartell says:

Just an FYI Kodak has stopped production of Acetate film base in June of
2013. Kodak has made Acetate film base for more than 100 years, very sad to
see the mighty chrome wheels stop turning…

italia10588 says:

Sadly kodak park is now less than half that size shown in the video. The
emulsion and roller buildings still exist as seen from Ridge road, and the
film division still puts out an extremely limited amount of film at the elm
grove location. Kodak park to my knowledge no longer produces film.

With Perez out of the picture maybe kodak will return to its former glory.

1L6E6VHF says:

Just wonderful, especially seeing the final product – VP620, completed. I
shot a few rolls of that product myself. I liked the music, too, almost
certainly classical and likely PD. Too bad the original English audio is
missing Also get a load of the workers dumping silver into a vat of nitric
acid without wearing any glasses!

Chris Sego says:

Rip s Kodak film

Daniel Lopez says:

Check my channel for an exploration of a Kodak factory.

belluciandre says:

Thank you

pioneerz450 says:

Kodak film is now kodak alaris :)

redgenner says:


Gianluca Saccone says:

God sacve the Film!

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