iPhone videography & DIY XLR mic-to-iPhone adapter : Indy News

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Griffin reports on The Avengers’ record-breaking weekend, the Indie Machines’ latest short, a DIY shoulder mount and DIY ring light, iPhone videography tips …



Why aren’t u able to use a regular mic on headphones u will get the same
amount of audio

Camilo Estrada says:

Hi guys! will you be making a tutorial on the same subject but for the

Ted Ciesielski says:

Hi Griff
Your side is great.
I wonder if you can figure out how to hack i-Rig pre with head-phons
monitering option, changing plug on existing cable instead cut it off??

bukanjoker eka says:

argh, gini caranya bakal pindah ke iphone nih

ItsMirannnda says:

Awesome video! 

Jacob Colegrove says:

That worked so good. I Actually already had a bunch of RCA and phone
adapters, so to connect my ATR6550 I didn’t have to solder anything. 

Storm Buckingham says:

Do the apps work on iOS 7, please??

Oscar Monge says:

Nice video, the adapter works perfectly with dynamic mics, but what would I
need to make it work with a condenser microphone?

Gabriel Soares says:

I am confused as to the cables schemes. For the XLR plug, the covered wire
goes to pin number 2 and ground goes to pins 1 and 3, right? Meanwhile the
resistor connects to pin 2 and 3? It’s correct?

For the P2 connector, the covered wires (left and right) are welded in the
same middle pin, while their respective shields go to bottom pin?

Thank you!

pikhty says:

do i have to get a specific tripod to use the iPhone or will the mount work
with any tripod?

Nick Thomas says:

How could you connect a blue yeti mic to your iPhone? Or is it not
possible. Because I’m trying to record songs on my iPhone through my blue
yeti mic.. 

Rico Miller says:

Hey! What resistent should i use to make a cable? Thankyou!

UniqueGamer says:

and for android ??? Samsung galaxy s4 plz !!!

malakian says:

Hello, first of all, great YT channel!! and I have this problem with my
mic, it’s an electret condenser shotgun mic, I made the adapter but when
recording I get pulses and interferes with the audio recorded, any idea why
this happens?

Ramesh Borad says:

Hay can we plug it in Point and shoot cameras??

Aaron Soderholm says:

Or you can use a direct box and a 1/4″ > 1/8″ cable (dirt cheap),
especially if you’re a guitar player. For those who don’t know, a direct
box’s sole purpose is to adapt a guitar’s (or other instrument’s) 1/4″ jack
to XLR.

Robert Ridpath says:

Dude, great video with some great tips. I loved how you got some “behind
the scenes” shots of you using the iphone in action. For me making the
cables was a bit technical. I’m looking forward to watching more. Keep up
the great work

Tonicwine999 says:

Fantastic Video. Thanks

Ricky N says:

iPhone videography & DIY XLR mic-to-iPhone adapter : Indy News

Ycuesta 13 says:


Maro Vok says:

very smart .

Steve Farris says:

you should totally start producing that cable

Jeremiah Yong says:

what about android

Beniamin TUBE HD says:

Make android video aps

Nicholas Takács says:

What a fantastic YT channel: fantastic presenters; very clear; excellent
production; a lot of fun, and just so easy to watch, understand and enjoy.
Thank you.

Maro Vok says:

thank you so much for this beautifull explanation how iphone jack work ,
nice an clear explain ,

Aaron S says:

I noticed that you put the resistor on pin 2&3. I another video had placed
it inline with the mic line. What’s the difference and which is better?

Youssef Sherif says:

I need a help here, I have a sony DCR-TRV265E PAL camcorder (Handycam), how
can I use it if it can’t be connected to computer to transfer videos, and
it records on 8mm Video cassette..sounds ancient, right?

VernomTv says:

What about android S4

IphoneFilms says:

could you please make a full explanation of how you made the diy dxl

Trung Chinh lê says:

whoa. very wonderful, it’s very useful.

brendan brown says:

@Lukka1180 Well my friend has the best android phone around and the camera
is just garbage one of the videos on my channel is from an iPod the other
from an android lol

Indy Mogul says:

Wasn’t paid for any of the product mentions. I simply own the Glif and
tiltpod, and think they’re inexpensive and nicely designed.

BlackPikePictures says:

I made a short film using a HTC HD Android phone as my A camera. Check out
my channel.

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