Introducing the Canon EOS 6D

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Hear from Chris Macleod as he talks through the EOS Remote App – which allows you to remotely control the EOS 6D from your smartphone. The built-in GPS also allows you to geo-tag your …


Cocombee says:

Better AF Point System and dual SD would cost more.. Got it?..

GoingSkateboarding says:

so, more plastic, cheap features playing on our love for wi-fi, and a
larger censor that isn’t necessary? good deal

Brandon King says:

I’m the one making sense lol I’m saying that the 6D should be that little
bit better. It’s an amazing camera still, but the features have really let
it down for the camera it is. Not that I need it though, I’ve already got a
5D 3

Brandon King says:

The 2 biggest things I hate about the 6D (which could’ve actually been
prevented)- The 11 AF-point system, and the single SD card slot.

Brandon King says:

Not necessarily. It’s a DSLR. Not a video camera. Videographers would
benefit from dual SD slots, and pretty sure that Canon could have added an
AF system which was a little faster than this. Although it is an entry full
frame, it’s dragged down in those aspects because it is a full frame

Anggie Harygustia says:

Indeed my friend. They had full-HD-cameras, but the video is not HD
quality. Not even close #sigh

Cocombee says:

6D is mainly for video.. Dude..

Cocombee says:

Canon does not want to create a smaller 5D, that’s why.. You pay a little
more, and you’ll get a 5D..

marshallyanda says:

dude what’s with the 480p

Brandon King says:

It’s not meant to be a smaller 5D. I said it’s an entry level Full Frame.
They could’ve imported the 7D’s autofocus (19 point AF) and still have a
dual SD. Look at Nikon’s D600. Specs wise- pretty superior.

Michael Fulton says:

how does canon not upload videos in at least 720p?

Fediaization says:

Canon made pretty good camera, it’s what I expected to see in 5Diii
(excepting focus system). Even better 5D3. But your greediness is so huge
that your marketologists corrupt everything. This autofocus is shame. It’s
as bad as on my old entry-level 550. Ergonomics – it’s very bad too. You
made 2000$ cam with stupid “click-pad” instead of joystick, like on cheap
800$ 60D. Maybe better replace it with simple keys at all, like on 550?
You’re getting wrong, you dissapoint us, Canon! Listen to us!

Cocombee says:

Then get a D600 instead.. Why so hard?.. You know, I dont get you.. It’s
clear that canon wants to let people choose what suits their need.. Many
will go for 5D, while some will out find that 6D is good enough for them..

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