Introducing 3D compositing in HitFilm

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We introduce some of the basic concepts behind HitFilm’s 3D compositing. For more information visit


Matyáš Hrubý says:

is it posible in Hitfilm 2 express?

LaMarc Plair says:

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MattAlan01 says:

This is SO LEGIT!!!!!!

HitFilm says:

You can indeed! It’ll be available from the HitFilm website.

HitFilm says:

@triforceman12 HitFilm 1 only came out in July, so we’re not going to be
moving away from that for a good, long while yet. There’s no pricing in
place for potential future upgrades, but we always aim to price as fairly
and affordably as possible.

HitFilm says:

Thanks! Much appreciated.

Adamcoxs says:

How did you artificaly light the Man was it some kind of bump map?

W7NWH says:

Hit film is setting is self up to really “Smoke” the competition.. good for

DerpBurp says:

I wanna see more :D

Eric DeBenedictis says:

@FXhomeHitFilm What’s the difference between After Effects paired with
Premiere and Hit Film? Just workflow? And do you know if you can see that
3D grid view in After Effects? I’m kind of new to VFX.

Sean Lim says:

how do you get cgi bakrounds

3KidPlay says:

No problem

Diesel Beast Productions says:


LuiDeca says:

can you import 3d models in hitfilm?

Edward Six says:

What is the release date

3KidPlay says:

English citizens have an epic accent

trettfilms says:

I’m pretty sure you’ve convinced us! :D

fostej99 says:

PLEASE ANSWER – Can you do this (3d compositing around actors, text etc) in
the standard version of this? Thank you – by the way great software and
videos :)

HitFilm says:

HitFilm Ultimate has as many tracks as you want (or as many as your
computer’s memory can handle!).

drtrekwars says:

Can I make pirate ships and make them have an epic sea battle with this

alydhiends says:

Does this have a video stabilizer?

askskater says:

can u still do light saber effects and is there garbage matte like vision

terouclavery says:

easy to use! i mean more easy than after effect! but i have a question for
the motion tracking???i just com to watch your tracking tutorial and all i
have to do is put the tracking effect in my footage? and that’s all? i mean
hitfilm is gonna work for me and i do not have to do like in after effect
????sorry for my english i’m from tahiti!!!!

Hop The Border Productions says:

ok awesome Thanks for thinking about us Mac Users We need Love to! lol

Hop The Border Productions says:

I WANT IT but can’t have it because of my STUPID MAC!

3KidPlay says:

Extremely epic

HitFilm says:

@cultofedward HitFilm will be out this summer. We haven’t announced a
specific release date yet.

HitFilm says:

@Adamcoxs He’s lit by a 3D light that’s linked to the same point as the
swirling particle emitter. The light moves behind and in front, lighting
him up. Relatively simple, but works well in this shot!

3KidPlay says:


DynamiteStudios1 says:

@askskater Of course

DynamiteStudios1 says:

Is this guy being judge on Krypton? Lol

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