How to take Flower Pictures, Macro Photography tips, 2014

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How to take great pictures of Flowers (close up) Macro. Tips and tricks to get better close up pictures with your DSLR camera, By Michael Schlueter.


mkalamaras says:

Thanks for this video! May I respectfully add that, rather than telling the
viewer to check the exposure through the LCD (at 3:43), you might want to
emphasize the importance of checking exposure using the histogram instead
(for those viewers who aren’t super experienced).

John C says:

Great tips! Thank you!

YouTougle says:

You could do with seeking some help in boosting your audio levels. It’s no
good talking to people in a video, when the levels are that low, nobody can
hear you.

StoneSwan says:

Great tips!

Norah2113 says:

Am loving your videos! Learning a lot! Thank you!

MrGotemcoach says:

Awesome tips!!!thanks a lot.

jamescphotography says:

What camera bag do you have

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