How To Shoot Better Small Product Photography With Your iPhone

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Whether you’re addicted to selling your old stuff on eBay or an Etsy entrepreneur, professional photographer Jack Hollingsworth will show you how to get the best pictures to sell your small…


jesturmi says:

Finaly a new video;-)

Keep upp the awesome job 

Muzamal Abadullah says:

what is the best android camera app ? as Note 4 and new Galaxy S6 has even
better camera sensors. can you please review or recommend any android app .
thank you.

jesturmi says:

in what quality are you shooting in? jpeg or Tiff?

brandtparksj says:

Great tips! I always thought having multiple colored backgrounds would be
too distracting, but the white & orange set up you had complimented the
pieces quite well.

Denis Nikolov says:

Love your videos, so helpful!

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