How to Repair an Old Torn Photo in Photoshop

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The results of this episode will absolutely astound you! Learn how to completely repair an old torn photo in Photoshop! Reassembling the Photo If you want to put together an old torn photo,…


Phlearn Photoshop & Photography Tutorials says:

The results of this episode will absolutely astound you! Learn how to
completely repair an old torn photo in Photoshop!

Edmund Sim says:

Hi Aaron, thankyou for making tutorial videos. Amazing work and thanks

Erick Hetfield says:

I’ve always wanted some in depth tutorial about photo restoration. This is
very useful and fun to do. Could you guys make a tutorial about colorize
black and white old photos? Thanks for the awesome job. Aaron is the best.

Juan Pedro Bretti Mandarano says:

Cool tutorial, thank you for making it.
BTW, cool and easy way to make texture after using the paintbrush.

KingTutsPro says:

That beard doe! Great video as always!

Tommy Plouffe says:

This for free? You could have made this a 150$ tutorial & i would have
brought it! Thank you for all those tutorials!

EdEditz says:

Very cool episode! I use these techniques myself sometimes but adding the
texture back in was a very useful tip.

Oozywolf says:

It’s great that you guys didn’t just put in filler music during the speed
up. I loved how you continued to explain and talk about the process!

Tony Owen says:

Truly awesome. Before watching Phlearn religiously Photoshop always seemed
like black magic. You explain each step brilliantly and it all makes
perfect sense, great job :)

kevin smith says:

Great tutorial, you’ve certainly demistified Photoshop for me. All of the
videos i’ve seen have been well thought out an presented, best on youtube!

If you haven’t done one already, please can you make a tutorial on how to
bring a (sun) faded picture back to life?

Thanks :-)

Kai Chinn says:

#aknacer, great tutorial Aaron!!!
Love how the before and after work out, thanks so much and h pe you and the
team are having a wonderful new year in all that you do, this phlearn’s for
you! ;)

Daniel Murillo says:

Great video! definitely enlightened me to some of the tools in photoshop. 

ValorZeroAdvent says:

How about the part on the bottom left? Was it too difficult or did you just
miss out on that scratched up part of the photograph? 

Mike Kennedy Castilla says:

awesome awesome awesome now i will restore old photos for throwback hahah
thanks +Phlearn Photoshop & Photography Tutorials 

Mike Eckhardt says:

*How to Repair an Old Torn Photo in Photoshop*

This video is pretty awesome !!!

santosh kumar panigrahi says:

i have old photo in which a portion of the head is not there help me how to
recover that

Priscilla Knight says:

Wow, this is amazing. Great job Aaron! I LOVE IT!!

Mike Aspan says:

One of the more informative tutorials from the best photoshop site on
Youtube and the WEB

Nenad Blazin says:

I used to be so scared of photoshop until you guys came along. Thank you so
much for making it simple. In the ocean on photoshop you’re a safe island
for islanders like me! Aaron you’re the best! Best regards from Serbia.

HarjeetKaur17 says:

Sir, you are the best teacher I’ve ever seen. Finding a way through this
software isn’t as hard because you take so much time and effort to explain
what you are doing and why you’re doing it.. Thank you so much for phlearn!

Brandon Lewis says:

Awesome…I got a B, but i could have had a better grade if i gave more
effort…you the man bro…..awesome repair tutorial 

Cyn glas says:

Absolutely ridiculous!!! Great work!!!!

Sanamm McArdent says:

awesome tutorial! and I know this is a little random but do you think you
could do a studio / set tour? 

Jalen Clemmons says:

Love It! I was wondering, can you teach us how to make a black and white
person into color with eyes lips and etc.

Kariem Bahabri says:

what is that Device you are using ?

Jeff Oates says:

Absolutely fabulous! I am into restoration and colorization and I love
this tutorial. Thank you so much! 

Soheb Shaikh says:

how do we add color in black & white images

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