How To Repair An Old Photo In Photoshop Pt 1 – A Phlearn Video Tutorial

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Check out the full post at: Your memories are important, and deserve to be displayed as best they can. Man…


Evgeniya Kineva says:

That was awesome ! Thanks

jvontube says:

good son! way to go :)

Maxim Prime says:

Your mom is sooo lovely .. now i kind miss mine :/ greeting from Cyprus and
thank you for all and i look forward to get you PRO lessons 

Eflat Productions says:

I love how your Mom throws you under the bus!!!

Kim Vedros says:

Love your Mom

Tina Blair says:

ohmygosh, I love you two <3

David Robertson says:

Terrific …. you brought a wonderful moment to our ‘classes’, and it was
real pleasure to see you with your Mum … even though I’m in my 70′s I’ve
learned a lot by watching Phlearn.

sheishei swit says:

less talk please just do how to repair it.

John McGee says:

You guys are awesome! Great tutorial!

dmxxx says:

Great tut! I am so subscribing!!! :)

TheRohitgadi says:

Mama knows best!

Osama Jaradat says:

thank you

James Hawkins says:

Great lesson! What I wish is that when people do multiple part
lessons/demonstrations that they would post links to the other parts.
Sometimes they do not show up on the “related” column and often are hard to
find in the person’s channel. Just saying…

Chris Murphy says:

Start at 2:43. Very cute mother and son but I just need to know how to fix

moorek1967 says:

Mama Nace needs her own show.

tarunbirsingh vohra says:

You guys are awesome great work and i love your mom bro

mogad100 says:

love you mama, she has no clue bless her…lol

Shahid Khan says:

You guys are awesome and your mum has made the video more good. But you
need to be a little more fast.

Vikas Bhardwaj says:

Good Effort

lyon65 says:

its just too anoying the chit cat and not focusing on the job boring video!!

PIERCED6966 says:

Love your mom, the bond between you shows, if i had a mom id want one like
her. She asks the kind of questions all your viewers new to photoshop would

moorek1967 says:

Because she’s very nice and amusing.

Andrew David says:

Hey, I found what you have done with your moms :) photo using photoshop. I
was wondering if you tell me would it be possible to fix a old photo that
my mom asked me to try and fix. its a pic of my older brother from his
younger childhood in black and white. anyways the photo I was given is bdly
faded from waist dow to ankles all I see is shoes and the arms are faded
badly also… is it possible to bring photo this bad back to its normal.
any help wud be great… regards Andrew..

lkbb704 says:

I love your mom she is so funny I would subscribe to her youtube if she had
on lol

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