How To Remove Background Around Lots Of Hair Photoshop

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Close – Learn how to delete background around hair. Here is the image i used This must be the most frustrating thing…


TavernSenses says:

What if the starting background isn’t so unicoloured?

bamm86 says:

Yeah uh that’s super easy when the background is solid white. C’mon man.
When people are working on photos and trying to take out the background, we
are usually trying to do so with a detailed background in place. Not some
simple one colored background.

Carlos Canhoto says:

Tenho pena. De o português nao contar para nada, o que me dizem para mim. E

Pastor Scott Hinton says:

Having a hard time, the back ground color is covering the hair

Mothi lal says:

Hey Thanks Man.. That works great…:-)

Ina Mohde says:

Thank you very much for the tutorial. Love the video. The hair is a grief
area. Now I know what to do. 

Fernando Thomé says:

man this is terrible

Keif Savage says:

Very Helpful. Thanks and I did subscribe

Polly Lolly says:

so good, so easy to learn…thx

Puti Rivera says:

this is so helpful! cheers for the video.

Rhiannon Howes says:

I swear you sound like Tom Hardy, which is a good thing !

Becky Biddick says:

It does not work on areas that are white or silver or similar coloured.
What this does is just what the ‘quick selection tool’ does. The background
tool he talked about at 3.09 is just another way of doing it. Not helpful
for me :( Just doing what the selection tool does..

Sergio Olmos says:

Thanks Ali Baba, this video was very useful for me!!

Dumitru Nicolenco says:

What about the background under her right arm? 


Thank you so much for this awesome tip! BTW it is mosquito land over here
in Hallandale Beach, FL as well lol ;))

Planted Tank Empire says:

Ok what do I do with a picture that has a model with blond hair , with a
shirt and an off white background? I cant do this way or lose shirt and
some hair color.

Ahmed Said says:
Obvi Health says:

Can’t see the right of your screen in some parts :( Couldn’t follow along.

Stefan Cinca says:
Akhir Saptari says:

Thanks.. very helpful tutorial

Ambachew Getaw says:

How To Remove Background Around Lots Of Hair Photoshop:

Ka Kim says:

Is there any way to mask hair without darkening the edges of the hair?

sandi braye says:

Thanks, I needed to see that. Haven’t been in Photoshop for years, but
really want to get back into it again. I Love the video, and will look for
more of your work. Thanks. 

Sonu Kailas says:

very helpful tutorial I’ve seen so far, great job n thanks

sunil bhardwaj says:

total time waste

rashed elias says:

Luis Duprey says:

Great Tut. Thanks

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