How to React to (and Defuse) Confrontations in Street Photography

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OfficeBear IMBACKURMAD says:

so stupid.

Skee Lo says:

You came off as a real douche in this story not the other way around. Yes
you may have the “right” legally to take his photo but if the guy asks you
to delete it why wouldn’t you do it? Who cares if he was upset or not,
that’s just common decency. Just makes street photographers look bad. Don’t
be a douche, respect peoples privacy.

Milan pintar says:

I was nearly attacked by a guy because he didn’t like I took a photo with
my iphone. It was at a party and I’m a tourist. In the end he got too
aggressive started trying to take off the VIP badge I had, I had to push
him away and tell him off, tell him to get back to where he was and shut
the F up. It worked. Sometimes you just have to tell them to F off. 

OfficeBear IMBACKURMAD says:

retarded, chink is retarded. go kill yourself please. one less tunnel
vision fucktard to worry about.

kurt copeland says:

In ten and a half minutes, you said “you know” eighty-nine times and “um”
thirty-seven times.

Just sayin’.

klg200 says:

In germany you cant actually do streetphotography witout braking the law.
Because in germany, you are not allowed to take a photo of someone if he
doesnt want it if 1. he is the center of atraction and 2. you could
identify him. It also seems like germans are really camerashy. Especially
the ones who are between 30 and 60 years old. Above and below they dont
care too much. The problem ist that in the city Im next to are most people
beween 30 and 60 years old. Additionally there are very few people on a
large space what makes getting close and personal with your subjekt not so

The point is that its seriously hard doing streetphotography where Im from,
but that doesnt stop me doing that.

Tuernah says:

I cannot believe people pay to take workshops on street photography from
Eric Kim. According to what you’re saying when I walk out my door I should
expect to have photographers get within 2 inches of my face and not have
the right to refuse having my picture taken. Where do you get your legal
information from?

It is totally wrong to be telling subjects they have no “no privacy in
public spaces”. Is it your right as a photographer to take pictures of
people in bathroom stalls and shoot under peoples skirts because they’re in
a public space?

The second someone decides you are engaging in annoying behavior or
interfering with their enjoyment of a public space with your camera it is
grounds for arrest and they can press charges.

Verbally explaining you’re trying to show the beauty of people or you won’t
use the photo in a bad way or “on a porn site”, as you put it, means
nothing. How does the person know they can trust you? Anybody with a camera
can say anything they like. If you want to use that approach have something
in writing. It is unprofessional to get confrontational. It does not matter
how much they insult you and your mother. As a street photographer it’s
your job to be respectful, calm and humble, not imposing and
argumentative.You are in NO position to tell people there’s nothing they
can do if they want their picture deleted. If they lay a hand on you,
that’s a whole different ball game. However they may be able to claim
they’re defending their rights in response to your antagonistic behavior.

The only time you can exercise a legal right to get in peoples faces and
take their photo without their consent and have them prominent is if you
can produce credentials as a professional journalist and documentation on
the spot that the photo is part of an active news story you are working on.
That’s called freedom of the press. If you are not the press then you do
not have that right and if you lie about it you can set yourself up for
even more trouble.

Daniel Holden says:

Yeah, this guy is cancer to the world of street photography. He’s a pompous
arrogant, feelings of entitlement dick. He has zero personality, and zero
understanding of people, specially WORKING CLASS people. If this kid wants
to take pictures, he should switch to landscapes, his attitude is going to
push an already stressed person into beating the fuck out of him, then that
person will go to jail as its “LEGAL” to take pics in public space. Fuck
this kid.

Andrew Yianne says:

You sir, are giving street photographers a bad reputation.

saavaa says:

That crazy Asian guy looks like a girl !

MobiusCoin says:

I guess if you really wanted to be sneaky. You could shoot with a D7000 or
anything with a dual card slot and just RAW on one card and JPEG on the
other and just delete the JPEG for the person while still keeping the RAW

Mictlán says:

@erickimphotography Good point. I live in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. Here we
have some of the nicest people in the country, but we also have a lot of
people with no education that are just waiting for someone to beat up for
no reason. After seeing some of your videos I’m really looking forward to
trying street photography here.

Xiao Y says:

Yeah I had a pretty bad experience at the beach. Had to kick and stump on
the guys face to protect my gear. Shit happens

atelzzz says:

Same in Russia, unless it’s a dude which i don’t like to shoot anyways.

gli72 says:

you talk a lot but your pictures are nothing special

Laaninovitsch says:

in Holland you arent allowd to take someones photo unles you ask them for
premission, after that you need the ask premission to post it online. its a
sad law

denny LUI says:

Kim, I’m on your side not because who you are. Just what you did is totally
legal, fair and not harming to anybody who has no mentally problem. And
that’s it!

ElAlexxis says:

if someone asks you to delete their photo, delete the picture. there other
pics to be taken. the fact that you have legal right to take it it doesnt
mean you have to be a prick. have some respect for the person who doenst
want to used in your shit.

Neeamuthkhan says:

Asking people in a YouTube comment section to not have an arguement is a
tall order :p

visualmedia forus says:

It depends on the law of the country. A person’s face is in principle
copyrighted by him. It is /not/ your property at least, even not in a
public place where people still have privacy rights on their whereabouts.
Apart of course of the classical exceptions like news coverage, educational
and scientific use, and public persons. I would consider street vendors and
street artists as public persons though.

SeiryuNanago says:

Why did you post this :S Now i’m focused on the “you know” xD

Cameron Getty says:

You delete a potentially good photo just because you’re asked?

damaged2 says:

A lot of ppl are just weary for poor reasons. I won’t actually delete
anything bcuz most of the reasons aren’t worth deleting the photo. Street’s
about the moment, if you delete all the moments why’d you go out in the
first place? Leave your ethics at home for the most part when doing street.
But I do get confused in certain places like, say, a mall. I’m never really
sure what to say when a girl goes “what’s it for?”. I want it in my
portfolio, should I tell them that? I want “life in action.”

Pedro Moreno says:

LOL! Por cierto, cómo son las leyes en cuanto a fotografía en nuestro país?
Supongo que al ser un país “socialista” todo es propiedad del pueblo…
So… D: Yo, gracias a Dios no he tenido problema alguno con la gente, y
hace poco fotografié una pequeña concentración chavista.

MrGubrz says:

another reason i need a leica for st photography heavy brass is better for
self defense! lol “honey, i need a big brassy heavy leica for protection…
dont you CARE about my safety?!” ;D i like how you go into why you think
this experience escalated by being semi sneeky-er than an obvious frontal
photo you shoulda printed the photo out huge and had it in the background,
should he stumble across this ;) LOL! have fun in india!!

AngryGaper says:

“Just delete the damn photo next time and move on.” hahaha what are you,
his father? He didn’t use a flash to take that picture and when he does,
yes he actually does ask nicely to take their picture before taking it,

Erik Lu says:

he says, “heeeey, why are you taking a photo of me?” i would say, “hey why
the fck are you walking into my shot” — that might work if they’re on the
move at least…

Mictlán says:

Obviously you’ve never taken photos of an ignorant person “from the hood”
hahaha, trust me, you can get yourself killed for that, or at least get
really injured or a broken camera. And I mean this in many countries. Great
advise though.

bradhorn14 says:

Ive been punched for shooting someone, however, I also have a video camera
of some kind when I shoot, so I have playback with audio of the situation.

skurge13 says:

Wow, you’re an asshole.

ifuckednatalietran says:

am i allowed to use a air horn right next to someone’s ear? am i allowed
point a lazer right into someone’s eye? am i allowed fart in someone’s
face? the law does not mention any of this crap but does it make it right?
NO! we just dont fucking do it

Kevin Jackson says:

Omg Eric, you should do a workshop in Dallas, I’m a huge fan :D

Reinhard Latzke says:

interesting, but in Europe the laws are different ….. additional to this
i had an encounter with a group of people in a public park of
Thesssaloniki/Greece…. kind of homeless/drug users…. was very agressive
the crowd…so I better disappeared.

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