How to make flyers on Adobe Photoshop CS6 Party Event Club Graphic Design

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In this quick Photoshop Tutorial party event club Flyer Design, we show how we will be making the design using Adobe Photoshop (Software), for a Graphic Design (Industry) company that wants…


Baby snooth says:

amazing how do you get those fonts? and how did you learn how to do all
this ? 

Soupah Grheane says:

Nice but damn thats fast

nrj43v3r says:

great job , mainly @6:53 to 7:25 lol , 12:54 min it take you really?

RedArtMedia1 says:
Dewa Angga says:

nice but damn fast bro! no chance to learn it,,

Rosiana Desain says:

where did you get that stuff? i mean the disco ball, the sound, beer
bottle, like so. without any license. because i’m sure when we are trying
to create flyer we need premium stuff which look like what you’ve used.
Thanks and sorry for my english.

T.H.M.P BEATS says:

Oh so Funky Production Brova!!!

ThePlasticPimp says:

Nice Tutorial!! It took watching a few times but I finally saw how you
highlighted and cut out the flowers using the magic wand tool with the
tolerance on 88 Lol!!


o mepasara el programa de photoshopp tengo el viejo y quisiera hacerlos
como tu

Reynold Guzman says:

Such a perfect tutorial, thanks man ! (y) 

Ineedmoney says:

Nice flyer. Worst tutorial

HonestArttsEntertain says:

why so fast if this is supposed to be a tutorial

Christine Charles says:

What brush did you download from brusheezy to make that splash? 

Wouter Bruns says:

Wowwww, nice work! 

Sakude Musik says:


fitzroy thomas says:

great work

Miggy Jai says:

where u get ur brushes at?

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