How to hold a Digital SLR Camera like a PRO

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Close How should a digital SLR camera be held to minimise camera shake and fatigue? In this video I show you how to hold your camera effectively.


Trick Photography 101 says:

In setting the DSLR Camera into Manual Mode is considered to be an
exceptional setting that most people won’t try. I have known a lot of
people, mostly my friends, that has their own DSLR Camera and had never
tried it before since they have bought it. One of their reasons why they
haven’t tried it or never tried it before it is because they don’t know its
technical aspect. They don’t know how to set their DSLR Camera with the
proper settings to it such as Aperture, Shutter Speed and ISO.

2 thumbs up with this dude! Such a very detailed explanation!

pinetopphotoandvideo says:

Sorry but this is the incorrect way to hold the camera for vertical shots.
Correct way is elbows down and against the body for support. NO broken
chicken wing sticking out. That is wobbly and less supportive. Yes, just
about everyone does this the wrong way today because everyone has a camera
now but hardly anyone actually learns photography or even basic beginning
photography from a truly knowledgeable photographer. I learned the correct
way to hold a camera about 30 years ago in photography classes. Back then
every photographer held the camera correctly, without the broken chicken
wing sticking out. Today everyone has a camera, most never learn or learn
from others who never learned. So these days everyone is running around
with that broken chicken wing sticking out.

Rithy Som says:

thank you for nice videos, small thing but so so important for beginner
like me

Arabind C says:

Thank you So much for this tip.

Chuck Rivers says:

Wrong and Wrong!

Craig Lazarus says:

any tips for left handers?

johan bauwens says:

I Always close my left eye when photographing.
May look silly but it helps.

evpointfinder says:

Thank you…my hands shake very much and this vid will help me a great

EDUARDO Lugo says:

I have D70 nikon with a speedlight and it is heavy! this will help.

Lauren Ashley says:

great video! this will definitely help a lot of amateur photographers!

Gaurav Khurana says:

Really useful… Video could be a little shorter but good liked it

George Aggelis says:

Nice video but I would have to disagree on the vertical positioning. I am
using the exact oposite mount since a fellow photographer proposed so. It
was tricky for the first couple of days. After that it has become printed
to the muscle memory leaving other photographers to also have the chance to
shot just next to me without loosing an eye.. Same thing I kinda expect
from them too ever since that day.This is great for shooting bands in the
pit, reportage shooting etc..Everyone actually thinks its unprofessional to
shoot like you advise and if you try it amongst 20 photographers trying to
fit into 4 meters of panel you will most probably be thrown out. Just
suggesting by experience wise though..

Green Geek 420 says:

The most very basic thing to learn in photography but the most IMPORTANT
thing as well if you want to learn Photography! I mean, you can’t learn
even basic photography if you don’t know how to position and hold your DSLR
Camera, right? This is so much helpful that I even embedded this video on
my blog! Thanks!

Majdee Bayan says:


Kai Johnson says:

do your close your eye when using the viewfinder on big cameras

Fotografi dan Kamera says:

Bagaimana Cara Memegang Kamera yang benar??

Lihat tutorialnya di video berikut >>>> How to hold a Digital SLR Camera
like a PRO

Lander Cabang says:

newbie here :) thank you

Francis Pascual says:

i like your deviantart wide strap, thanks for nice videos

Robert JMB says:

Thanks for the tips

Ijas Mohmmed Rasheed says:

thnx dude, very nice tutorial, I appreciate on your effort…

MrSpitfireMustang says:

Another great video from Brent. Thanks mate.

bigdaddy0274 says:

Hey Brent, thanks for your tips! One question, What lens is the one you
have in the video? Thanks.

Photo Notes says:

This is the best video I found on YouTube for “how to hold camera” by Brent

ΗΜανασου Ξεβρακωτη says:

Great tut there Brent but it didn’t help me any since I’m a porno
photographer and during sets I use my left hand to masturbate…make
another vid on how to hold a DSLR one handed like a pro thanx

Parvezbam Bam says:

while looking in view finder with spectacles it is difficult to keep the
eye brow to pressed to the view finder.

Ederson .Dc Cabral says:


Anil Bonds says:

Thank u….

ipanase megison says:

nice tips

steson ten says:

Very nice tutorial. You made it easy to understand for a learner like me.
Thank you very much.

Dimas Hernanda says:
Seth Okrah says:

at least these are the basics

Karl Kindred says:

I like it.

mitmaur says:

Great tutorial. Well presented.

SuHaIL SaBu says:

informative tnx man!!

José X says:

thank you !!

Saing Sowichea says:

Thanks for your sharing. :)

Bunga Emas says:

Tqsm for ur guiden advice.

Eum T.V says:

Thanks man.

aninnocentazn says:

hey man thanks,this is super informative.
<— new dslr newbie. Thanks!

Edgar Allen says:


Stefan Mitic says:

Its realy informative,i got my Nikon D3200 from my uncle and am starting to
like to take photograpgies,but cause i have many hunting dogs (English
setters) when they are in the field i cant take the pictures of them when
they are abut 200,300m fare a way from me with a 18-105 lense… I`m so
sead,that i cant afored a bigger lense…

Đức Toàn Nguyễn says:

i like music :3…can U give me link ? Thaks 

kyle cole says:

hi brent iv been holding the camera like you said and now im taking great

Betmun says:

After many years of research and development, camera manufacturers make
incredibly ergonomic cameras and yet some people don’t know how to hold it.
I am surprised. 

FlourescentPotato says:

Parkinsons medicine.

Sope Zuhairi says:

wow what a clear explanation…!!! thank you very much for every
information, Brent.

loui0008 says:

love your training, thanks!

Praverb the Wyse says:

Very informative video Brent

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