How to get the sharpest images possible

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Here I give some tips on how to get the sharpest possible image from your camera, by reducing any for of blur caused by camera shake. Best tripod I could find A good lens,…


Bill Geissler says:

and why no tripod ????

bonamin Honda says:

All good and everything, but the whole Shutter Delay or Shutter Lock as it
a called on other cameras, is not necessary. Since you are using the
Speedlight as your ONLY light source, you are already shooting at extremely
high speeds, that given then correct settings (flash power output) can
freeze a flying bullet in your frame.

The Shutter Delay mode would be necessary though if you used natural light
alone. Or a combination of natural + fill / flash light.

Just wanted to make that clear.

PS. Using a flash as your ONLY source even enables you to use NO tripod at
all, provided you can compose exactly as you wish.

Aleksandar Ganev says:

Good video but for jewelry I prefer using continuous lighting

TalesOfWar says:

For those wondering. You can do the shutter delay thing by using Live View
if your camera has it. It locks the mirror up. This is more common on newer
cameras though a lot of older Canons have this too given they also shoot
video where most older Nikons did not.

As for remote firing. Connecting it to your computer via USB then using
Tethered Capture in something like Aperture or Lightroom will do the trick
too. I’m guessing most people will have a computer even if they don’t have
a remote shutter release trigger lol.

Sarah Buxton says:

You are amazing. I like the speed and way you explain everything.

Omair Ahmed says:


Owen Jiang says:

we can also use a remote

geniusofnati says:

what were your settings?

dan s. says:

You can further improve sharpness by using Live View and then zooming move
the focus box manually, and then guarantee you are focusing on the right
part of the object. After that, timed shutter helps even with cable
release. Otherwise spot on.

Will Gould says:

Dude, that is a really odd composition for your video. The slanted ceiling
is making me uneasy.

dimitar dimitrov says:

verry good tnx

ScrappleCheesesteaks says:


Beavertown Beaver says:

Can I use the timer shutter instead?

I am a newbie.

AlfaShedar says:

and stuff abotu ur remote…
u know that ur remote with cable make camera shacke what u dont realize
?..use zoom in live view zoom to maximum and play with liek u
take a shoot.. u got shacke.. so.. u making vid abotu sharp image but

Rajesh Rengarajan says:

Excellent Video! Thanks.

Lofote says:

Double focal length means that your objects move about twice as fast when
you are shaking your camera. Thats why you should also have only half of
shutter speed. As for the rule of thumbs just happen to work quite well,
but it is not scientifically made or provable. It just works quite well. Of
course many other factors affect if it is shaken: how stable you stand, if
you are using anti-shake system of your camera or lens, luck, etc. Also for
example in macro photography other rules apply.

NotNudeDude says:

why dont you use a light tent ? cuz i do a lot of jewlery shoots

cooldrjustin says:

OH No What Happenned

stewiek says:

@ManicEightBall stopping all the way to f22 is a bad would want
to preferable stick to f8-11 at most. more than f16 generally will cause a
slight lack of sharpness due to image it up..

xiaoquan says:

@nerwin Just set your camera to timer shot mode of 2s or 5s. save the cash.

Dombowerphoto says:

no, they are seperate things, check the manual of your camera, it explains
it there.

Daniel Johnson says:

You might be def. Just saying. Because this man is very smart and

viljami says:

Have you tried focus stacking?

inteliov says:

Your videos just keep getting better and better. Thank you!

Lisa Jane Boyle says:

Very good! Helpful! Thanks! :-)

MYY .videos says:

Hey Dom, Is that Exposure Delay Mode the same as Second Curtain Flash?
Sounds that way. Nice video, thanks a lot man!


were could we find exposure delay mode in canon 5d mark iii

Angela B Pan Photography says:

I also use my Live Preview to sharpen my images – on my tripod of couse

Raphie Rodero says:

with the shutter speed of 250 and over and with the use of flash, using a
small aperture of around f6.0-f8.0, a skilled photographer can get the
sharpest image out of his shot.

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