How to Edit Car Photos – Compositing in Photoshop Tutorial

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In this tutorial I show how to edit an AMG Mercedes into a different scene using Photoshop, Lightroom, and Nik Plugins. There are a lot of tips and tricks th…


Matthew Janski says:

Thanks for the great tutorial, is there anyway to get rid of the
reflections of leafs/trees from the hood of the car? For me that was the
dead giveaway. Other than that fantastic job!

SpaceVoll says:

it looks fake because photo offbeat/side and cat is not. but good job with
shaders and light

Joe Shit the Rag Man says:

hahah “boarder patrol”

Dimitri Bitu says:

shadows don’t behave like that. if the shadow come perpendicular to the
car, then the shadow would appear just as big in the back part of the car
as in the front. and the more close the car it is to his shadow, less blur
it should have.

Shmogt says:

Pretty interesting. Went kinda super heavy on the effects for me lol, but
everyone has a different style and I still like the final 

MrNFSMW12 says:

Its awesome can I have a background of this? :) 

TheUltimatedShow says:

need for speed style! but im bugged by the trees reflection in the hood.
thats one way to tell that its been set on another backround

Carson Thomas says:

I am not a fan of this type of final edit but I learnt so much in this
session that I just had to subscribe.

Well done.

icedstar says:

do you know any website with cool backgrounds to use?

lijo john says:

WOW superrrrr <3

jrfvismanos says:

excellent tutorial… although, you forgot to smoothen/heal out the leaves
on the hood of the car. 

Ahmad Salim says:

جيد جدا 

LV23 says:

OMG where do you work?

Konoha sajika says:


nico tello says:

awesome!, thank U

Burtea Alexandru says:

should have stopped before the Color Efex

Killer5.0 says:

Great tutorial! appreciate your insight.

Alex Palamaru says:

Hey very awesome job,I just want to ask you if you can give me this two
original files to try to do what you done if it’s possible.

Thx, very much 

KAVUz Montages says:

amazing color correction, nice tutorial : ) 

App Edits says:

can you upload that background please haha

Torrentman777 says:

amazing job….very impressed man.

Ali Al-Bahrani says:

I’m not a huge fan of these type of photos but that’s one amazing job..
Just saved this video on my bookmarks for future edits!!

I was looking for something completely different but stumbled on this
video, love your work!!

Keep it up!! 

Petar-Vertex says:

fucking awesome!

Kevin Kistermann says:

Thank you for this great tutorial =)

Brecht B says:

My first attempt of Photoshop after watching your tutorial (now you see
what people do with your tips :) ):

It’s a start… :D Do you like it?

Thanks for the awesome tutorial!

Michael Bisig says:

Nicely done! Great tutorial! The only part that was throwing me off on the
car was the reflection of a tree on the good. I was hoping you would have
fixed that, however your skills are Bryan’s mine and I was very impressed
with the overall job! 

Jose posada says:

Love it! Awesome tutorial. You don’t see many like it

The House of RB26 says:

Looks awesome

Marcus Chaanin says:

Freakin awesome!

Jigar Patel says:

I just subscribed to your channel after watching the tips and tricks to
landscape shooting and am not really familiar with your work but I really
liked this, what i want to ask is do you have a in depth tutorial on color
fx pro or can u do one?? Thanks and beautiful workflow!

GadgetsNGear says:

Car show photos generally suck, but with a little bit of compositing in
#photoshop you can easily take things to the next level! Check out my car
photo composite tutorial:

#auto #cars #mercedes #weistec #AMG #Nik +Adobe Photoshop 

GadgetsNGear says:

Thanks man! More photo stuff coming.

fengstang7 says:

this is sick. fav, liked, and sub.

GadgetsNGear says:

Thanks tom!

anas saleh says:

Amazing i learned a lot

Heliom .TV says:

Looks like car shadow is going other way than the stones shadow ;)Car going
left front and other shadows going right front

GadgetsNGear says:

Glad it helped!

Ron Johnson says:

This is amazing, you need more views

yemel20 says:

great tutorial !!!!

glockatory says:

Just learning the ropes here and this helped a TON! Thank you!

Oleg Petrenko says:

Nice Job…looks cool! :)

Fact VS Conspiracy says:

Nice video, but you would get more views if you stole the car and drove it
to the backdrop location

Yaschar Rad says:

Bravo dude!! You dance around photoshop effortlessly

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