How to Create Graphic Art in Photoshop

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It’s our first episode in our brand new studio and boy is it a good one. Learn how to create graphic art in photoshop! Today’s episode is for all those artist out there. We show you some…


Phlearn Photoshop & Photography Tutorials says:

It’s our first episode in our New Studio! Check out how to Create Graphic
Art in Photoshop. Don’t forget to leave a comment below on what you’d like
to learn next ;)

DirtHoleee says:

Hey congrats Phlearn team! You have been very persistent in your quest to
become a successful photoshop/ photography tutorial channel and I
wholeheartedly believe you deserve every bit of the new studio. Enjoy it :)

Howard Pinsky says:

Loving the new studio!! Congrats, guys! Great tutorial, too! ;)

GreenGaming100 says:

Great tutorial! I’m not a Photoshop pro, and have a question:
Can you make something like an animation for beginners tutorial?

Thanks for all your videos they’re the best!

Ahad Zahid says:

Make a video about How to remove Facial hair? Please

DavidThomas Scorbal says:

HUGE congrats on the new location. Very inspiring to see how far you guys
have come.

KingTutsPro says:

Awesome studio! It’s been a great upgrade from your previous studio which I
thought was very nice! Well let’s see what this studio and Phlearn has to
bring us :)

Martin Zeuner says:

why would anyone do something like this in PS instead of Illustrator?

LiudasBar says:

Intro song? :))

Eddy Proca says:

How can you make the rings the same width and same distance apart?

Taeem Alhinnawi says:

thanks man for all tutorials .. u are awesome!
i have a quick question.. please teach us how to export small small logos
for web ..
I’m so confused about making 30p × 30p icon .. how can i do that without
losing its quality?
pleas help and big thanks.


Congratulation phlearn !

Jelle Hettema says:

I think this would be much easier in Illustrator, but still. Nice to know
how you would do it in Photoshop.
Congrats with the new studio! I love this channel

Marko MSX says:

1. Congratulations on the studio!
2. Best of luck!
3. Please bring back the navigator window when you’re explaining something
in Photoshop!

Tom Rabel says:

Congrats on the new digs!!! Looks great!

Jefe Oliveira says:

Nice video, but why not shapes instead?

knkmaniac says:

Congratulations man! hire me! I’ll work for you and for free!

FuryKyn says:

Congrats, good new studio!
could explain how to use color modes? HSB, LAB RGB CMYK…

Raiymbek Mukhamediyar says:

OMG. Great job, guys! From a living room studio to such a big company –
awesome :) I am pretty sure this will inspire so many artists our there :D
Keep it up guys!

bugzkilla says:

Anyone else hear beeping at 13:10?

jose david marquez says:
Preston House says:

Great looking new digs!

Voula K. says:

Nice tutorial! and your team looks so “tight”.
But why to do all these in photoshop ? you can do it quicklier in
Also in photoshop there is going to be pixel in the final picture.

Liam Hill says:

The new studio looks great, looking forward to the tour good luck all!!!

עדן ארונוביץ' says:

Why did you used color fill layer instead of regular layer?

MachielvdWal says:

Love the new location, love the videos, love the channel. Keep up the good

Oliver Tambosa says:

Hi Aaron, I wonder what’s the title of the music that starts at 58 seconds.
Thank you!
Hope you answer me.

Alpha Code Ex says:

Hey Aaron ( +Phlearn Photoshop & Photography Tutorials ) ! you’re looking
slightly older and way more sexier ! I adore you for your personality mahn
! keep rocking brotha ! and have to say, the set looks huge.. can’t wait to
see the permanent look.. nice tutorial too

Tech bizz says:

Eagerly waiting for results of the Crazy Colour Contest as promised by you
guys today please upload it please…..

Fantasticus says:

The New Studio Looks Awesome!

Lucas Johnson says:

Stoked on the new studio guys and loving the graphic design tutorials! Keep
em coming ;)

Traceur Akarui says:

I’d love to see some more Photography Tutorials, that would be awesome.

Also congrats to your Studio again, I’m so stoked to see the Studio tour :)

Sherwin Facun says:

Congrats on the new space! I really appreciate the quality content you guys
produce with every video.

Jonas G says:

It’s so easy and so cool!

Thanks :)

Nick Koehler says:

This is sorta off topic.. When putting your own image into photoshop, Do
you you edit the Raw file you took or a exported JPEG image?

Ruben de Vroomen says:

why doesn’t the transform selection work in cs5

Ivan Ibarzabal says:

Hey guys! I’m so glad you guys are getting this upgrade, I hope one day is
the future I can work with you guys :D my little big dream! Thanks for all
the knowledge you’ve given us (:

Johney Joseph says:

Gratz on new place.
This is just so simple…why make a tutorial on it ? meh
And please make the simple stuff shorter ;)

esteban silva says:

congratulations guys, i´m a graphic designer from colombia and my english
is not that good but i follow and enjoy every single video of yours. Thanks
for everything and i hope i can meet you some day. Bye.

Canal Hearthstone says:

For those who don’t have a Mac, Option Key = ALT

sdhpCH says:

It always makes me happy to see companies flourish that do clean+helpful
business and simply deserve their success. Such as you, Aaron.
Very happy to see you making this next big step into a great future. Very
nice studio!

CowsInHats says:

Have you ever done a tutorial on a lightsaber effect ? If not i think it
would make an awesome tutorial considering that there’s allot of hype about
episode 7. :)

KnowledgeFX | The Drunken Artist says:

Surely the shape tool is better than colour fill layer?
^That is done with shape tool and seems so much easier to do than having to
mask all the colour layers off. I can understand this is good for learning
masking but it’s not really the best way to make this style of graphic.

EDIT: The graphic I’ve made was thrown together, so may be a bit rough in
some spots (The arrows)

Alfredo Garcia says:

Hello Mr. Nace,

You make it look so easy! I haven’t grasped the function of the layer masks
and how it makes them different from other layers. Did you already cover
layer masks on a separate video? If so, where can I find it?

Love your videos!

Micah Hansen says:

Hey dudes, love the Phlearn HQ already! Also, I’d love to see more advanced
compositing videos. Like movie posters, book covers, advertising pieces
etc. I bet you already have some in the queue so thanks in advance.

filip skiba says:

it is amazing to see your company progress :)


Why not use AI for this kind of work.. Good luck with the new studio.

Allan Elkaim says:

Nice tutorial ! However I would have made the feathers symetrical but the
result is great nonetheless ! :-)

Congrats for your new studio !

Malak AL-ajou says:

if Phlearn team ever needed an architect, I’ll be happy to assist :D

sabby singh says:

hello aaron sir, congratulations for your new studio
hire me please
i do photoshop edits and am inspired by you so damn much
can have a look at my work on instagram

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