How to create a Cinemagraph in Photoshop #MinutePhotoshop

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In this video, you’ll learn how to quickly create a cinemagraph – freezing portions of your video, leaving the rest with motion. Support my content: http://w…


Photoshop Tutorials by Howard Pinsky says:

NEW #Photoshop tip! In about one minute, learn how to create a street scene
cinemagraph effect!

WATCH ––> How to create a Cinemagraph in Photoshop #MinutePhotoshop

Jemel ONE FIVE says:


Photoshop Tutorials By says:

There are some things in photoshop that are kinda like “OMG! I should have
known that” and this tip is one of those things. I am so glad there are
people like you in this world who are willing to put out great content that
is simple enough for anyone to understand but at the same time is complex
enough to increase most people’s knowledge at the same time. Keep up the
great work!

Abdul Delati says:

Wow thx! I was wondering how to do this!

DigidyDOG Gaming says:


Eli Prenten says:

So much more straight forward than After Effects. Awesome

BakedCookie says:

Awesome stuff, seems there is some real variety to what you can do in
photoshop these days.

Vicky Connelly says:

I think the clip in this example looked okay as is without editing it.

This effect is really nice though!

Joshua Aldana says:

Was this taken when you cam here to Vegas for the Photoshop Expo??

SonOfTamriel says:

I used to be able to load videos on CS6, but now it doesn’t let me. ‘Wrong
kind of document’ no matter what format I use.

FatBastard Pipes says:

That would look cool with some… ahem… adult film footage. Not that I
watch ‘adult’ films. : )

Zach Holmen says:

How does this affect the file size? Is the ‘frozen’ areas considered a
still picture, and thus reduce the size of the exported movie? Or is the
hidden motion still in the background taking up space? 

greeleyestateslove says:

COOOOL. Great, because I just bought an intervalometer 

Manny Calavera says:

That’s awesome, will definitely mess with that!

Javier Rod says:

great video

Michael Grue Nielsen says:

Great #minutephotoshop tutorial

terradan2013 says:

Ha ha! Nice

Rick Blot says:

Very cool.

Curtis Simpson says:


rxdan says:

great tutorial as always! 

miyumi Udatsi says:

Please could you make a video how to Photoshop body and face like Valeria
lukyanova or Anastasia Shpagina?

TheCaliVampire says:

Great tip!

Falk Bayer says:

nice, greetings from germany!

dportis47 says:


AnneFTW says:

That’s amazing! Thanks so much

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