How to blur the background in portraits – basic DLSR photography tips

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How to create a blurred background in portrait shots. A guide for the DSLR user on the factors that influence background blur: aperture, the distance from su…


Sydney Portraits says:

This is #2 in my series of short, sharp youtube lessons on some photography
fundamentals. This clip looks at how to create that lovely blurred
background in portrait shots. It’s really aimed at DSLR users, although
those viewers with point-and-shoots (especially those who know how to
twiddle the manual controls) should get something out of it too.

James Schneider says:

I will give these tips a try :)

Rose Kerin says:

An Excellent explanation for my beginners to follow on Depth of Field etc.
Thanks Rose 

Emmanuel Etim says:

thank you Sir. this clip have been very useful to me.

The Gull says:

Good tutorial overall.

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