How to Add Watermarks & Logos in Photoshop

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Dave Cross says he’ll show 3, but ends up showing 4 ways to add a logo/watermark to photos in Photoshop: making a brush, copying from Illustrator, using shape layers in Photoshop, and an add-on…


dave cross says:
Ming Quinones says:

do i really need “illustrator” if i want to paste my logo in a picture ?

Darkless4X says:

This actually helps, but even though I don’t use a MAC. lol


very useful…Thanks

sanju110 says:

Hi, I just installed the watermark plugin and when trying it out in CC,
hitting preview I get this message, “error: input folder does not exist.:80″

Any help? Thanks.

Danity Vine says:

THANK YOU FOR THIS! Totally new to Photoshop.

Thumdar Thumdar says:

Nice video. Thanks!

Warren Wilson says:

nice presentation, Dave. But, no matter how I tried, I could not get past
the Define Brush Preset being greyed out. Tried tons of ideas, but none
worked. UNTIL…..I ran across someone’s post where they were having the
same problem. The criteria (right or wrong) is that your new brush has to
be no larger than 2500 x 2500 pixels.

Marisa Bojiuc says:

Thank you so much! :)

Jovita Markuckytė says:

woooaw! This is really helpful! Thank you!

Don Springer says:

dave cross is almost david cross (tobias from ad) rt if u agree!

Ester van E says:

thanks for this video! Now i can finaly upload my pictures safely!

Myles Newberry says:

Trying to get this to work, I keep getting a message saying ” Could not use
the history brush because of the current canvas size does not match the
history state”

Kate G says:

Thank you very much for the video and your hard work! 

Asher Srednas says:

Thanks for the video! New to photoshop and want to know do I need to save
two images ? For instance, the original w/o watermark and the watermark
images. Or can I remove the layer later? I need a lesson on layers!

Chris Garbutt says:

Hi Dave, trying out your tutorial but unable to click ‘Define Brush Preset’
(grayed out) after having confirmed the black/white colors in levels. Any

nur chaliq says:
georgeb85 says:

Where can we get the addon at?

Emily Smith says:

THANK YOU SO MUCH! What a time-saver!

dougieladd says:

hi if i wanted to share the action with someone in another country say….
do they need to have the brush? or is everything embedded into the action?

mohammed nadheem says:

can we done this in photoshop 7.0 ? 

bsukker says:

Im not able to instal this adobe Watermark. Any tips? 

Lionel Aubrey says:

Very easy. Great instructions. Used Photohop followed these instructions
and had it down pat within 10 minutes or so.
Many Thanks

Diana Miller says:

If I already have an existing logo, how can I incorporate it into my images
at once instead of doing it manually one by one. Because I can’t load my
logo image into my actions menu. 

Yvonne Caryl Dabandan says:

thank you very much for this tips!

Lacy Wynant says:

Thanks for the amazing tutorial!!

Sourja Mukherjee says:

AWSOME TUTORIAL…. thnQ very much…

Andrew Kavanagh says:

How to Add Watermarks & Logos in #Photoshop by Dave Cross

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