High speed photography made easy & funny

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I show you how too do amazing high-speed photos without flash or trigger. You don’t really need any professional equipment. Blog Post: http://www.photosincolor.com/high-speed-photography-how-too/ …


Photos In Color says:

@harigobind pashat

The faster the shuytter speed the better. I would say over 2,000th of a sec
to get it sharp.

Good luck

Unclemax Designs says:

How do you process your images?
I love the soft post-production.

Harigobind Pachat says:

how much is your shutter speed set to

Guillaume MARTIN says:
MUDHD says:

I’m considering! I’d like something I can use without flash (outdoors), but
that would allow me at the same time, to stay away from the scene, so as to
avoid unpleasant situations!

MUDHD says:

thank you very much!’m going to have some fun with the high-speed
photography and am considering what is the best lens! I have a canon and I
was thinking of a 55-250mm
(Sorry for my eng)

Avani Acrux-Anastasia says:

I’m so going to try this! The results look amazing!

Marco Verde says:

What lens you use

Photos In Color says:

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