High FPS Test (3000 FPS) Using Canon DSLR

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A quick test of Highg speed filming using twixtor.


joshsk8day says:

thats sweet

Michał says:


Riot says:

You spelt “edited” wrong.

ManderHa says:


grandmixerlee says:

Nice vid dude…almost no motion bluriness. Whats the name of the song used
in this video?

Uzi Chend says:

how did you do this???

dragythuno says:

incredible. after effects not you lol

Corey Holland says:

lol that doesn’t exactly amount to 3000 fps. Frame rate cannot be changed
in post production. 60 fps is still 60 fps. Twixtor just blends frames

burtonridr22 says:


Jhosileyn Rico says:

Song name?

Goodprejzr84 says:

Koan sound – Meanwhile in the future (album Funk Blaster) ;) I’m so happy
to help you :))

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