Graphic Design Tutorial: Creating visual tension

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Clipping Path India says:

Amazing ! Like” my business pages on Facebook and these other social
networks? Facebook:

Toby DeGard says:

Amazing how these simple things add such a huge impact on the finished
project.Great stuff.

吴广德 says:

thx a lot!!!!

Arnab Shahriar says:

Thanks Shawn, i love the way you jump straight to the point…. ! :)

dougieladd says:

Thanks Shawn, good tutorial… do you ever consider the fold? I’m thinking
about the Mila Kunis layout really… do you need to consider the fold when
doing this kind of layout?

Andrew Esty says:

youre awesome for doing this! thank you!

PixelArt01 says:

First word in the first paragraph: “Cum”.

amila upathissa says:

thank you very much…..!!!

lawrence juma says:


raynn19 says:

Ive learnt more watching 3 of your videos than I think I did in 3 years at
uni! I hope by watching more some of your eye for design rubs off!

Shawn Barry says:

Hi Ron, and thanks for the comments. The answer is yes. I possess NO
natural artistic or creative abilities. I’ve had to work hard to learn
everything I know. So can you.

Ekskrementer says:

Say I go to school for “graphic design” – are my options limited as far as
a career choice when I graduate? That’s the only thing I’m worried about.

Suraj Chapagain says:

which software you using..

gel light says:

I like doing this, however,I don’t think that my designs are professional

Shawn Barry says:

@Ichyhot1995 – your post may actually hold the answer to your question. If
it’s not your interest, going just because it’s paid for doesn’t make a lot
of sense to me. I suppose you could have talent in that area without
enjoying it, but that begs the question – why bother? All that said, if you
think you “might” enjoy it, sure. If nothing else is winning first place
for you as a path to follow and you want to try different things out,
nothing wrong with it. My 2 cents, for what it’s worth.

Shawn Barry says:

Yes, I’m happy to look at your work and give you some feedback. I’ll send
you a PM with my email address.

Russ Kirk says:

solid gold mate..Ive always wondered how these things R done.Thanks

Abronxl says:

I like these videos. Really helpful :)

paulo Willians says:

Tankyou!!! Nice job, great tip!!!

Adrian Hart says:

A couple of people have tried to explain ‘tension’ to me in the past, but I
never really got it. Now I understand. Thank you Shawn.

BPO Outsourcing Remote says:

Awesome! Those tools are really good. Thank you so much for sharing a
wonderful presentation like this. It’s a big help.

aselceny says:

learned a lot. thx.

Shawn Barry says:

Hi @realguyz52. I’m using Adobe InDesign in this video.

Shawn Barry says:

I agree – it seems most often, people just want to know “how” to do
something, or they forget the keyboard shortcut and look for a video
somewhere. When I started these videos, I completely expected a very
limited audience. Not many people look to youtube for a creative
perspective. It’s a hard topic to address, since it’s all so subjective.
There’s a right and wrong to which key to hit, but there’s no right and
wrong in design.

Cmarsmith95 says:

What program are you using in the video?

Shawn Barry says:

Anson Chiu …likely no one can help you with that problem. FYI – Anson is
another creative pro, and someone I worked with recently. He’s never short
on smart-ass comments. Awesome guy and talented.

Jim Hagler says:

this was very good stuff, Thank you.

Shawn Barry says:

On the question of making a living, of course you can. Whether or not you
personally will make a good living and earn a high income will depend on
you and your work. Too early to say, at the beginning of your journey.
Focus on medias like interface design, apps, mobile design and you’ll be in
the right market to move forward. The rest will depend on things you can’t
easily plan for.

Shawn Barry says:

Thanks @raynn19 for the amazing compliment. Just opening yourself to other
design ideas is all it takes to make the journey. You’re already way ahead
when you can appreciate other POVs and try them out.

Shawn Barry says:

Happens to me all the time too. Glad to hear the video helped.

jAngo583 says:


Shawn Barry says:

@mrsthetruthexists – it sounds to me like what you enjoy is photo
retouching and digital imagery. While those are both part of the “graphics”
industry, I wouldn’t call them “graphic design”. There’s indeed an industry
for both photo retouching and digital illustration. I would begin by
talking to some commercial photography studios (ones that shoot for
advertising and design, specifically) and show them your work. Assuming, of
course, you’ve developed those skills beyond the hobby-level.


I really enjoy your videos. I plan on taking graphic design courses despite
being a complete novice and knowing close to nothing about it. I have a few
questions regarding graphic design. First, are there any tutorial websites,
videos (much like yours), books, software, etc that can help me put my foot
in the door into design and give me some introductory knowledge before I
begin. Secondly, can I make design a career? Is it near impossible to find
a job that would give me financial stability?

Shawn Barry says:

Glad the videos are helpful, Thomy. Good luck in your course.

Daniel Ram says:

thanks great info

Shawn Barry says:

Hi @Ekskrementer – the limits to your career options will be only the ones
you place upon yourself. If you have a solid book and good ideas, you’re
off to the right start. In my experience, people will know you as whatever
you tell them you are. If you study graphic design, but want to become an
illustrator or art director, that transition is up to you to make. Create a
solid foundation – the rest will be as flexible as you are.

Michel Figueiredo says:

Thanks man! Really helpful keep it up!

ron echual says:

Hello Sir, I followed all your tutorial here and find it very helpful and
inspiring. I’m not a gifted graphic designer but I have a strong interest
in obtaining the skills and knowledge of graphic designing. Do you think
that graphic design can be learned even you’re not gifted?

Shawn Barry says:

Adobe InDesign.

Shawn Barry says:

Oh – I see. That’s the name of the woman in the illustration. Thanks for
letting me know.

Icyhot1995 says:

I am thinking about going to a school for graphic design during my senior
year in high school. I will be doing it to find my talents and see what Im
good at, and its paid by my school for me to go, It doesnt really interest
me but I will never truly know till I try it. My question is, how do I know
if i should go for it and spend a year at graphic design school? Id hate to
do it and be stuck doing something I hate for a year.

Shawn Barry says:

You’re welcome Rawan, and thanks for the honest feedback.

Puskal says:

With the help of I have learned wide ranges topic from
programming to designing (including photoshop , illustratror, indesign
etc.)…I want be self taught graphic designer therefore I want to learn
some principle of designing…Unfortunately there is only one college
available to teach graphic design in my country…Thanks for your reply

Puskal says:

thanks a lot.

Shawn Barry says:

Hey @Bluryexe – the application you use depends on what you’re trying to
design or work on. As a “rule” photoshop is used for image-editing mostly,
but lots of designers use it for posters, web designs, so all the
applications are flexible. What do you work on most often?

RogueAngelMom says:

Loved this video’s information, it was very helpful. Thank you for it.

ron echual says:

Thank you so much. That’s really very inspiring…Will follow you more.
Thank you for the free knowledge. More power!


Thank you very much, I truly appreciate your advice.

oscarpapa87 says:

haha thats the name of the girl in that picture. Great Tutorial. Thank you :)

Shawn Barry says:

Awesome – glad you liked it. More coming.

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