GOOD Versus BAD photography how to measure quality and value in photography

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GOOD Versus BAD photography how to measure quality and value in photography How to critique your own photography work In this article I would like to propose…


WoodlandGardener says:

Hi Christian, of course there is a lot of truth in your tutorials and I
appreciate learning from them. In my mind the only bad picture is the one
not taken. In fact I have learned a lot more from bad pictures than from
good once. I find it hard to implement these your “cold hard rules” in my
own photography and if I would follow your Tudor system I would never take
a picture at all.



Photoshop Video Tutorials says:

Learn how to measure quality and value in photography… GOOD Versus BAD

AcademyPhotography says:

I will give you a tool to measure value in photography!

Simon Everett says:

Tudor rating system I like it :-) nice touch Christian.

ronaldo Santos says:

Hi Christian
It’s great method. I love it.
I’ll apply it now
Thank you

Adam Richardson says:

Another great video Christian, always find them helpful. And there was NO
sleazy music, it was all good. Look forward to seeing your next video :)

Iain Williams says:

love your opening quote lol,Great video as always.

mlcalender says:

Learned at lot form this as i usually do from all your videos. Please
continue to make them.

MrRedwoodGuy says:

Lose the CORNBALL sleazy music. It’s an instruction video not a pole dance.

gsteiner says:

multumesc, din Australia!

Paul Bridges says:

WoodlandGardener, I don’t understand why you even comment here. As your
views are nothing but condescending. If not for hard rules for learning we
have no foundation to basic our work from and grow from that and develop
our own style of photography.
I have learned additional photographic styles and values from these

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