Four Useful Ways to Use Perspective Warp in Photoshop CC

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Photoshop CC has a transformation tool that’s almost like magic! The Perspective Warp tool lets you change the perspective in your image so that you can change the viewpoint of your photo,…


Hemant Chouhan says:
Alfonso Caro says:


Erkan Ertuğrul says:

Can i add this tool to cs6? anyone can help…

Naz Deen says:

Really Helpful…. Thnx a lot for making this kinda videos and giving it
for free….

wowApic says:

Four Useful Ways to Use Perspective Warp in Photoshop CC

PowerPunch Games says:

When i enable my graphics thing for perspective it is still greyed out?

Can someone help me with this?

Paradisio says:

Welcome back! Great tutorial, the first in particular was fantastic

Photoshop Tutorials says:
Jhonnys Langendorf says:

Absolute amazing!

TviT Ninee Kikson says:


ajib jb says:

i have a problem when i want to match two different image with different
lighting.. its very grateful if you can provide that tutorial.. thanks ^_^

idratherbeanonymous says:

Although I know and use photoshop professionally, every time I see
something new I say this is fucking black magic lol. Great vid.

Rahul Nanda says:

thanks you very much sir for this video… i always face problems related
to perspective. but now it will help me to improve my composition work .
thank you once again :)

eoin connolly says:

Photoshop rules

S.A. M says:

Thank you for the great vid.

Tiago Cavalcanti says:


Rahmat Hidayat says:


perplexer1989 says:

Finally New Video -.-
thnx keep the good work (tuts)

AL- Imran says:

Welcome back,.. Great tutorial…

AndreyVales says:

wut. i just got mind fucked haha


some kind of day walker vampire truck with no shadows.

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