Focusing modes for Nikon Canon DSLR for Running Kids or Sports Photography Tutorial

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YakMan NC says:

great trick! Thanks for sharing.

Question – I have a Canon T3i and what should I set metering to.. spot,

PhotographersOnUTube says:

@sallyinvienna Not sure what sony a55 offers but I’d use 3d tracking for
sports. Sometimes it could be a hit and miss depending on how people are
moving at the same time as the camera may focus on the target you did not
intend to.

Juan Natividad says:

Hi there Sir! :) Thanks for this tip you gave us. :) But I have a question,
is this also applicable for moving subject like landing aircraft (plane
spotting)? :) Thankssss! :)

PhotographersOnUTube says:

@sarindy Yes, that is recomposing but it’s not a good idea to do that. It
was a last resort for people with 1 or 3 focusing points in their cameras.
Now even the most basic dslr has at least 15 focusing points which means we
don’t need to recompose so we can get super sharp pictures. On my aperture
video there are many links. Go through them and you’ll catch up. Do follow
the facebook page as you learn a lot from user questions and comments on
the pictures.

Denshi Galvez says:

hi jib, can you tell me how to change those focus points in d3100…? or it
isnt availble? sometimes, i need more focus points when im trying to shoot

fahadmod says:

cool thx man

PhotographersOnUTube says:

@appygirl970 Everything depends on the quality of work and demographics. I
started with $25 an hour. Now I charge $115 an hour. I now do more business
than before because the quality has gone up. Once I switch to full frame
I’ll increase my prices a bit more. I’m not targeting the super rich at
this moment so $115 an hour works for me. Down the road I’ll be charging at
least 3 grand for a wedding. Right now I’m only charging 1200.

rguy2001 says:

Very informative and educational.. Keep up the good work

PhotographersOnUTube says:

@infringinator I don’t do nature/landscape photography so I haven’t had the
need for it. Next year if I have time I’ll get into some landscape stuff
and will use some filters for sure. There is no reason why people should be
against it. It’s okay if you don’t use them if you’re not doing that kind
of photography but I hope no one is saying that using filters don’t help
because they do.

Sal Taylor says:

Great explanation – I have a question though! Would you suggest the above
for quick moving subjects or the sports choice in the scene selection,
please? (I have a sony a55 btw!) Thanks!

Alysha Frizzell says:

I cant FIND the sport setting on my d7000. I nnow its ther i cant get it.

larkolena says:

@PhotographersOnUTube i set my camera on 3d tracking in continuous mode,
but it’s not tracking. is there some other setting i need to be aware of to
get this to work? thanks :)

Awesomeface_300 says:

what is 3D-tracking? How is it different to CAF?


….much needed info,thanks!

PhotographersOnUTube says:

That’s exposure lock or focus lock. I don’t use that button. I don’t
recompose my shots. You use them when you recompose so your exposure is
locked and focus is locked when you move the camera.



Loren Jackson says:

@PhotographersOnUTube Great job yes much better. You are great man keep up
the lessons. You are doing great. Thanks so much.

Alex Solaja says:

subscribed! love the simplicity with wich you approach these lessons :)

Loren Jackson says:

Great job explaining. Thanks again.

Gunbileg Nyamdorj says:

Very helpfull video. Thank you for your time.

Harry Trejo says:

Great video!

TheAtch3 says:

Ok, I know when you are doing portrait shots you’re supposed to focus on
the eyes…so does that mean to focus directly on one of their eyes or in
between their eyes? Or is there a way to have more than one focus point?
Also, where should you focus if you’re taking a pic of 2 people? A group of
people? I love your videos and fb page! I’m learning so much from you!

Mitch S says:

Can somebody help me how to set 3d tracking on Canon T4i? Please! Thank you!

PhotographersOnUTube says:

@sarindy Yes, that’s how you focus but if you move the camera without
releasing the shutter that’s called recomposing. You don’t want to do that.
You want to place the point on the eye and just take the picture like that.
If you move the point anywhere, you’ll have to refocus again.

Sal Taylor says:

@PhotographersOnUTube OK, thanks…….I don’t have 3d tracking, but I do
have continuous shooting (10 images/sec) so I think I will try that out for
starters! I wish I didn’t panic with my camera when a new photo opportunity
comes up!! *Sigh* Thank you for the great vids! :o)

Kayla Pfob says:

What about focusing for videos? Can you setup AF-C to film videos?

appygirl970 says:

Great vid

PhotographersOnUTube says:

@Jack19592008 Thanks Jack. Hope the sound was okay this time.

appygirl970 says:

Great vid Hi could you do a video about pricing for setting fee’s and so

Aditya Sawhney says:

POUTube i was wondering according to you what are the best settings to take
a group picture having about 15-20 people and under bright sunlight?

8javed says:

Tnx so much for all your lessons; so clear. You’ll be a great teacher.

desu avinash says:

i am not able to move my single focus point to any where as you move it to
right side or left side where ever you want… Please explain me how do it.

CaribbeanFitnessGuy says:

POUtube I was just wondering how do you shoot in continuous focus and
compose your shots just how you want them?

zainab ihsan says:

hey i have a very inportant question. where are CH CL nd C in nikon d5000?


Great tutorial! Thank you.

Sheraz Hussain says:

Excellent video Jibraan! I have learned so much from your videos. Always
very detailed yet to the point. Keep up the amazing work you do!

infringinator says:

Do you use lens filters? I see some photographers dont even bother with

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