Flash painting for glamour photography – hot one light setup

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http://SmokingStrobes.com/flash-painting – Today it’s the third Thursday again and I feel like sharing a one light setup with you, which I think is real fun. You pose your model simply on…


Good Light! Clips says:

Flash paint your glamour photo in 10 seconds! Ever tried something like

Video Workbench says:

GREAT video! Keep up the good work! :)


Another useful tip and another beautiful model (number 1 as for me ;))

Samtagri says:

Cool original ideas. I heard of painting with light. But never about
painting with flash. Awesome!

gewglesux says:

Thank you for such a cool suggestion!!!

Photographic Learning Resource says:

speedlite flash painting 

PeeJay Brown Jr says:

Pretty cool. May have to give this a shot soon.

John Harris says:

I love it, I am going to give it a shot. Thanks for the idea. 

Pritham Dsouza says:

Fantastic!!!!! Definitely giving this a try!!!

Tobias Heyl says:

Damn. What happened to her skin? Softened as a baby’s a**. Why?

Joey Nice says:

thanks michael !!! are you shooting with fuji now?

Louis Ballz says:

amazing stuff as always. 

Maximo P says:

Una bella idea da “copiare” ^__^

Allan Hong says:

Always great tips without complicate equipments. Wish you put out more
videos in future. 

Tom Brablec says:

I always wanted to try this, but I can’t really take self portraits this
way (obviously).

Nick Depicts says:

Thanks of the video. There’s so much to photography I don’t know.

James T. says:

I have to try this some day. Thanks for the tip!

E-Nonymouse A says:

Flash paint your glamour photo in 10 seconds! Ever tried something like

jeucster says:

THXXX from Europe

Colin M says:

great idea very good do you have to have some where dark to do this will
this work in semi light many thanks keep up the good work

Preston House says:

Great Tips!

hpept says:

Great. I’m a fan of your videos, always well explained and funny, and with
smoking hot models.

Peter Ebenezer says:

Dear “Good Light! Clips” Don’t spam my videos with links to your videos. I
have blocked you from the channel, tagged your comment as spam and deleted
it and finally reported your profile as someone who uses spam to get video
hits to youtube via the report button. If it was even anything to do with
the video you commented on I’d have let it slide.

Anže Barle says:

Would it be OK to use a modeling light function on external flash, if the
flash has it? About 5 seconds burst of light.

Paul Pauly says:

You are wonderful and I appreciate you. Thank you.

Brian Michael says:

This was a neat short clip, I was going to make a makeshift snoot for my
yongnuo speedlight

miamiredbird says:

Learned a lot here, but you didnt use the “sock” when
painting……lol…..it shows the menu screen and test button when you’re
doing it…….

Hasn Rajaonarison says:


Alvis Rozenbergs says:

That German accent :)

Robert Elmer says:

How do you avoid getting your arm or the red indicator lights in the shots?
When I try, sometimes half my arm can be seen as a shadow. 

headlites56 says:

Something different, looks good…will certainly try it!

Fatman Lee says:

Flash painting 拍人像, 玩的成份居多.

Dilly Vue says:

thanks im a photography
I love girl

stitch413 says:

Excellent – I love the versatility of speedlights. Thanks for sharing the
knowledge! I always watch for your new videos – I only wish they were more
frequent. ;)

Christophe Renodeyn says:

Thx for the creative idea Michael!

ad says:

always informative!

SARA P says:

wow this is amazing .. thanks for the tip

Preston House says:
Shawn Townzen says:

Flash paint your glamour photo in 10 seconds! Ever tried something like

Galo Paguay says:


Sushi Oji says:

Great tips I cant wait to try this out, um if I dont have a flash will an
LED flash light work as well?

Francisco Lozano says:

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