Extreme (Photoshop) Makeover

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A photographer and designer shows the photo retouching process in detail.


Kelsey K says:

awesome video.. What you do is magical… the music is cool too… Hugs KK

crimsn80 says:

Apparently people look better with blue eyes. Great.

Maria Jordan says:

the best part is that they still look like the same person before/after,
they don’t turn into plastic or whatever

kitty matinet says:

so ture

Mariam Bieber says:


daddeezgirl626 says:

Its so awesome how they do thar!

Роман Собалев says:

photoshop download u . t o / S Z F d A g remove spaces

Jaylen Steward says:

@MechaBearHunter they are photoshopped idiot.

MechaBearHunter says:

This looks photoshopped. I can tell by looking at some of the pixels and
I’ve seen quite a few shops in my time. Fake.

Mbunnychannel says:

Let’s go back to the fucking beginning where Photoshop want invented..

Emi1998lala says:

0:15 She’s turning herself into an Avox without the Capitols help (Only
Hunger Games freaks would understand…..)

CariagaXIII says:

hackfacebookaccount(.)org / ?r ef=787607

PaulHook40 says:

i work as model only 5 months for me a great photoshop did not. When the
clothes have to advertise. But the skin always improve . But when
photographed for advertising foundation made my skin out there like a
doll!I personally like the most natural photos.

Pedro Valenzuela says:

I like the twilight version of Mr. Little Boy.

Emily Reichard says:

They all looked like vampires.

topVOCALOID says:


Susanna Catalano says:

Why can’t they just keep people pretty without photoshop?

Hannah Gordon says:

A reason to hate photoshop^

Luis Eduardo Moreno Raygoza says:

man…. you are just awesome! i’d love to do this, but… i think its just
not need attitude, it also needs and aptitude! and you got it!

Molly Snowden says:

I love that music.

Slowico says:

Das ist besser als ein Lifting, allerdings nur auf dem Foto. Klasse
Software. Wie heißt die Sofrware? Gruß Dietmar

EasternMerchant says:

they say that when someone is not very good at whatever they do……people
will be supportive to try and build them up…… they say that when
someone is too good at what they do…….people become jealous and try to
cut them down……. such is the thing that is happening here among the
viewers of this video…..

Bish Stixx says:

You’re stupid :DD It IS freaking photoshopped. A-Dur-Hurrr

angelariesgirl75 says:

What’s with the creepy music….hahah..

Empire0fGameplay says:

Adobe Photoshop CS6 full cracked – for free.

Good Creative Tutorial says:

yeah check out my channel for some SLIGHT adjustments in Photoshop,
tutorials, not this freaky stuff lol.

Emily Sires says:

That’s not a crime either. People should educate themselves instead of
believing advertisements, in my opinion.

Luna Lu says:

whats the name of this song???? *_*

yelton7 says:

in glorious 240p

Angela Wolf says:


thismustbeme says:

That kid was just creepy as hell..

DragonOfTigers says:

That little boy looked kinda creepy…

SFRetouching says:

I agree, though being mislead by the media is nothing new. And you’re
mislead when you look at non-retouched photographs anyway. You’re only
shown particular perspectives and angles. Anyway I intend to make a living
out of retouching so I hope it doesn’t change haha

akRedmage says:

Rig – Epic Orchestra

RisquinRusselcoff says:


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