Eric Kim Street Photography Workshops

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Close “I’ve been blessed with the honor and privilege to accompany Eric Kim through his street photography career. This is a compilation of his workshops…


cylurian says:

Hey Eric. When are you having your next Free workshop in LA? I can’t wait
for you to do one!

Rob Shum says:

you having anymore workshops in LA?

Francisco Franco says:

forgot us sweds !!!
any plans to give a workshop in sweden in the future?

Kevin Young says:

what was the intro song

D ivine says:

ned compact photo camera for stretphotographer…

Kervin Tran says:

Awesome vid!

TraceurZeno says:

Great vid Eric, and kudos to Cindy in producing it. :)

wgracephoto says:


Duckpaw says:

congrats bro

Nickthewatchgeek says:

you should come to Norway!

extraMAYYO says:

Canon 60d

Herzen Cortes says:

Everybody is just so in to photography. The videos are very helpful to both
amateur and professional photographers. Thank you for sharing your
expertise Eric, street photography is such an interesting subject – good

Ibarionex Perello says:

Great promo video. Eric, Cindy is definitely your secret weapon.

Stevan Talevski says:

class is too big for street photography..

needoo77 says:

You have been in Beirut / Lebanon ?!! , can you visit Palestine a do a
workshop there , there will be many Palestinian photographers waiting for
you . Peace from your Palestinian fan .

Herzen Cortes says:

Eric Kim marks a milestone in his street photography career. Great venture!

almubeeb says:

Nice production!! Looks like fun was had by all.

Shainingusutaru says:

Not everyone has 10000$’s for a Leica…

Paul Hennebelle says:

2:24 the guy on the right is kinda weird…

James Vyn says:

hey eric, where did you buy your t-shirt? its just great !! :) keep up the
good work man

saavaa says:

Your videos are so interesting///

MarjoBoris says:

Where can i buy your t-shirt Eric? =)

rolodexroulette says:

I’m sorry, but ALL OF ART is self-promotion… Whether or not you like Eric
Kim and think he’s ripping people off, ask yourself… “What the fuck are
you doing with your life?!” Sounds like you’re just making excuses for your
sorry self.

Richard Bird says:

y would u have a dslr 4 street photography there so intrusive and ugly

Richard Bird says:

Have you seen what HCB used?

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