Ed Sheeran – Photograph Lyrics

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Ed Sheeran – Photograph Lyrics Loving can hurt Loving can hurt sometimes But it’s the only thing That I know And when it gets hard You know it can get hard sometimes It is the only thing…


ace.knuckles blackwidow says:

If i tell you “I love you” U know that it is not a phrase or expression and
U know that i actually love you in the best and most honest way that i can
… miss you so much ..iloveyou & i always will

Dhey Baywas says:

Ed Sheeran – Photograph Lyrics: http://youtu.be/5NWnF_cdtIA been LSS for
you in 4 days. #Photograph #EdSheeran

Sarah Cepelik says:

i seriously am gonna cry. love this song :’)

Emma .Leone says:

Hey ! I just covered this song ! i’m 17 years old from France. If could
check it out and maybe tell me what you think of it:)

leila nessar says:

why does this remind me of twist and shout and its dean singing to cas…

:D :) says:

Hey Larissa.

1. I was in love with V and V with me.
2. He fell in love with you.
3. You fell in love with him. But didn’t tell anyone.
4. I cried every night.
5. I fell in love with L.
6. L fell in love with me.
7. He fell in love with another girl.
8. He wanted me I didn’t want him.
9. I wanted him he didn’t want me.
10. Read 8 and 9 four times.
11. He wants me
12. I don’t know. Do I want him?
13. A and i talked to you cause of V. You told him that you love him.
14. You both are so much it isn’t normal in love with each other.
15. But you aren’t together. You don’t want it.
16. He is in love with you like never before.
17. You are in love with him like never before.
18. L is in love with me like never before.

And last step.

19. I am in love with V like never before.

Lohan Fan says:

I think ed has most meaningful lyrics.

Ella Payne says:

this is beautiful

Alpa Bhatt says:

Love :-)

Marian Rubio says:

Hi to everyone
“Love is the only thing that make us feel alive”
Have a great day
Ed Sheeran – Photograph Lyrics

Arabella Hough says:

Why do we all fall in love… So unfair that we can never really choose the
way our hearts go, stay strong all who going through a difficult time :)
I love this boy and I feel like he never wants to talk to me and like he
wants me out of his life :( but I never know, and I think I realised after
listening to this and thinking about it all, I love him!
Any help or advice I would love to hear it xxx

neha satish says:

I cant even <3

amaal yz says:

About 2 years i see him just on Skype , OMG i missing him :”( 

Jessica Bui says:

#troyler brought me here 

Subin Kim says:

This song was beautifully written by Johnny McDaid (Courteney Cox’s fiancé)
and Ed Sheeran.

Abigail Beauchamp says:

heavens. i love this dude. and this song even more! music is my LIFE. and
this song is amazing :) 

Cake The Cat says:

Try it at 1.25 speed

Aysin Özcan says:

Love; you know it can get hard sometimes, but it’s the only thing that
makes us feel alive..

:D :) says:

It can get hard. It can get hard sometimes.

Tommy Croft says:

Help! I have a crush on a girl I’ve been friend-zoned by, but I learned
today that one of my closest female friends has a crush on me. She let it
slip and asked me if i “heard that”. I know I heard the words “love you”,
but i said no. Later, she asked me if I really did hear what she said, I
said no. Of our was a playfull “I love you”, she wouldn’t have asked again
right? I love my crush but i don’t want to ruin my friendship with the
other girl. HELP!

Noel Santella says:

Falling Inlove is so much happiness.. and falling out of it.. is like
heaven turning to hell in an instant… thats what im going through right
now.. please pray for me.. i still love her so much but i cant force her to
love me back.. and thats fate.

ashtoney irwiney says:

ed’s voice is a miracle

SA Rocket says:

Oh you can fit me
Inside the necklace you got when you were 16
Next to your heartbeat
Where I should be
Keep it deep within your soul
my favorite part.

Felicia Anthony says:

Check out this video on YouTube:

Jani Grey says:

Me encanta esta canción , Ed es perefecto ♥

Charina Villanueva says:
smile hiso says:

this is really touching

Prometheus1st says:

I hate to say it…but from my life experience this far at age 47. Loving
makes me feel dead. Every time I have ever tried it it never worked out.
Every time it failed it ruined my life. I gave up. Good luck.

skaterchiica says:

so much love for this guy

jassim sadoon says:

singed this song to my GF you should guys 

mycreationtomovie says:

bad timing to listen to this song :’(

ConnieP says:

I just love this song!!!! it’s perfect

Eka Risty Sembiring says:

Sadis liriknya… 

sarah house says:


Morgan Koch says:

I have never heard a song that could make so many memories flash right
before my eyes and break out in tears… Defiantly touched by this song! 

Olja Govedarica says:

You can keep me inside the pocket of your ripped jeans….❤ Ed Sheeran –
Photograph Lyrics: http://youtu.be/5NWnF_cdtIA

Josh Michel says:

+Kay Rybikov help, my taste of music is changing D: 

maty paty says:

one of the best songs… its going to make me cry :’(

claire brogan says:

Caitlin luckie ;) badda bimg badda boom

DeathFrisbee says:

Who else had Twist and Shout feels? [cries in corner]

Hema Tamang says:

gud 1 :)

Anni Stylinson says:

If ed is not gonna marry me then what’s the point

Stephanie Mensah says:

Ed said he wanted to find love, but it wouldn’t be so hard if he knew I

Kiara Cruz Soto says:
Savannah Kosanke says:


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