DSLR Video Rig 2013

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An update on the video rig/ should mount that I’m using with my Canon 5DMKIII. Gear in this video: Kamerar Matte Box: http://amzn.to/IiMzpM Rode Videomic: http://amzn.to/1fnUlgL Focus whip:…


Silent778 says:

Whats the camera at the end ?

Elly Awesome says:

Matt I really love it how you always promote the message ‘no matter what
gear you have it shouldn’t stop you creating videos’. This has definitely
always inspired me and although I’m jealous and mind blown of this rig your
reminder keeps my chin up and confident in my passion and myself as a
creator! Welcome back :) 

HamDerDanskeren - TheDane says:

1:45 $200 Body, $20 Tripod, aaaaaannd $516.00 LENS! I got the same lens.
-.- It is pricy, but awesome! :O

ThatFCN says:

Not back I see. 

Christian SaccardoTv says:

what software do you use for the labeling at 0:10

Pat Stagg says:

Can someone please tell me what’s the best cannon lens to do a short film
that looks legit and is under a thousand, deuces

Politics Today says:

Where are you Matt? :(

Legofan Productions says:

At 0:17 what is the name of special text thing… I have been looking all
over and can’t find any answer… 

MrLinkfan321 says:

Returning to Youtube? Ok, we will wait 6 months for your next video!

Unidrw says:

Does the gf2 shoot 24 frames per second?

KnightDukeGaming says:

Says he returned to youtube, is gone for 2 1/2 months and still no
upload….. :(

Ben Bazan says:

Getting caught up on your videos and can’t believe I’ve missed out on these
great tips/reviews. Glad I saw a retweet with your name. Keep em coming!! 

Digital Arts says:

first: cool camera rig
has helped me in the compilation of my rig.
Now I wanted to ask you where did you get the filter in the matte box here.
And what it does.
Thanks for your answer.

Kevin Thorkildsen says:

Nice video, nice gear! Song title?

Pravin virkar says:

on what camera u shot dis video ? Thanks

Des Chew says:

Wow. Gf2 that’s an affordable camera. I have a panny 20mm f1.7 lens on my
pen ep-3. But ep3 sucks when taking video.

Can you share which lens use used with gf2?

Jacob McCarthy says:

what is the music in the beginning??? 

Dan Beebee says:

More setup videos please!!!!

Marty DeLeon says:

$5,000?!?!?!?! I got a professional Matte box just like yours with a
shoulder rig, cage rig, follow focus and rails with a quick release plate
for $332 on Amazon. 

Christopher Sharpe says:

Great to see you back, +Matthew Pearce. The video looks great as always.
I’d be really curious to see a video – or series of videos – about your
workflow. From your Picture profiles to post-production. 

Michael Harren says:

Any videos in the works? I really miss your work!

Marty DeLeon says:

this is better than porn..

orangey456 says:

+Matthew Pearce where are you??

WATEROWL 6 says:


JONvincible says:

Welcome back! And I like the end of the video. It’s like a little surprise

Ketklao Kongpakdeepong (SoM) says:
Enrique Gonzalez says:

How did you do the effect of the text telling what everything is in the

liam neville says:

nice man “I’m back!” and then don’t post anything for 4 months NICE JOB

Ben Watkins says:

Or not… :(

Damon Lam says:

I feel like trolling today: FILM IS BETTA!!!!

Gary Colwell says:

Great to see you back at it dude!

Cameron Ghannoum says:

When’s the next video?

Matthew Gonzales says:

15000th view of an awesome video!

Grace Ashworth says:

Hello there, Would you mind telling me how/what software you used for your
floating type in the intro?

Stef Rust says:

Im jealous :p

Juan Diego Fernandez says:

Hi!! I liked your videos! I’m a student of mass communication in venezuela
and we are fighting for freedom, I made a few videos of the protest in my
city with a gopro please watch them and help me to share the world our

Espen Borgen says:

I know i wrote this on your “keypro” video, but i miss the videos! :(

I still check your channel every day for videos, as I have done for the
past years since I descovered your channel.

I understand you may not have time but I think I speak for all of us when I
say I want some new videos.

But anyway good luck! I just hope you will continue making vids and if you
do I dont care if it is 3 months between each one. :D

Mark Linsangan says:

Nice to see you’re back.

Kay Edward Kaysha says:

Super nice. Was just thinking about getting me one of those panasonic gx7
or lx7
Welcome back


Welcome back I missed your videos :) 

PegLeg Mediax says:

lol i was drooling over this set up, and now i think im gonna buy that $200
camera at the end

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